..ang blog ni Yeyen.

My Smartbro

I have held the longest to postpone subscribing to a high
speed internet provider. I did not see
the need to have unlimited access because all I ever do in the internet is just
check my Yahoo emails and maybe browse through Friendster once in a while. One
hour is the maximum and that’s it.  If I
need to do work related research, I do it in the office or at the library, not
at home where I just want to relax.


I’m primarily a TV person. While many are hooked on the internet, my
sister and some of my friends prefer to spend our free time watching Kdramas/
Jdramas / Tdramas DVDs. There’s nothing
like lying in bed and lazing the day watching 16 episodes straight of these
dramas, hahaha!


That was until my sister came home to take a breather
from immediately proceeding to residency and moonlighted as an emergency doctor
in the local hospital.


She had so much time in her hands and dying from boredom that
when Kristine, her friend from medical school who lives in Cagayan de Oro City,
told her that she had subscribed to Smartbro and watching her favorite animes
and KJTdramas on line, my sister (and obviously me) followed suit.


It is a whole new world! Kristine told me to check out mysoju.com and crunchyroll.com. I’ve recently discovered aznv.tv too. Boy, all KJTdramas I’ve heard or seen are
listed alphabetically and available upon the click of the button. While the p*rat*d DVDs have terrible English subtitles,
on line they are excellent (thanks to the fans). There are so many I want to watch that I can’t
seem to make up my mind what to watch first. I can’t believe it’s all there to quench my craving. I’m so thrilled that I’m watching long hours until
my eyes start to water and my head aches. LOL. Even my husband is worried
for the computer — he thinks it’s overworked already.


It’s been a month. Right now, my time is still not enough to watch Tdrama They Kiss Again,
Kdrama New Heart, Kdrama Yi San, and Kdrama Hong Gil-dong. Hya has recommended other dramas she had seen
on line which I think, I’ll also watch. The list is long and I have not even started looking for Grey’s Anatomy,
House, MD and Desperate Housewives…Thank God, it’s summer and my nights are
free for my on line dramas.


Thanks to Kristine for subscribing to Smartbro—and
convincing us to follow her trail. I
also thank my friend Ralph, for the record time in connecting me to Smartbro (24
hours, tops!)…Hmm, I’m already advertising without due compensation…


Now I understand why people are hooked on the net for
hours. Aja aja, fighting! ^_^






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