..ang blog ni Yeyen.


rang within me while I was watching “2 Outs In the 9th Inning”

was a scene in the drama where a girl urged her friends to have their nude
photos taken as a commemoration of their 30th year. Her friends were hesitant and were already
fleeing when the girl insisted “We have to preserve our bodies now…who’s going
to admire them when we get old?”

I haven’t given it much thought, but indeed time flies so fast. I can see signs of aging catching up on me…the
pores in my face are starting to show and there are some lines too. Even my gray hairs are multiplying. Before there was only one I can see while
combing my hair; now the number has increased to four! I’m eyeing my hands and
my neck for they say one can tell a woman’s age by the appearance of these
two. Compared to my niece’s firm
little fingers, mine have some kind of loose skin around them! Thank God, I think my neck is fine. LOL.  Ha, my youth is fading…


I was in my late teens, I made it a point to have my picture taken on my
birthdays. It’s so amusing seeing time
pass by just looking at my yearly close up pictures.  Too bad this ritual stopped when I got
married.  Perhaps, I stopped paying
attention to my looks by then?


owe it to ourselves to remember our youthful (!) bodies. I don’t think I’ll ever have the courage to
pose in my birthday suit…but I promise I’ll definitely get one wearing a skimpy
string bikini within the year.   Yaksuk!



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