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CHOL (T) : 257.77 mg/dl

HighcholesterolI have been nagging my husband to get his regular blood tests since last month.  He always manages to postpone it because of the twelve hour fasting required before the test. 

So, I devised a strategy.  I told him we will get our tests done together.  That way, he cannot say no, because, like it or not, he has to accompany me to the lab, even if he won’t have his test.  And, why not take the test with me when he is already there?   Reluctantly, and to my delight, he submitted to my tall order.  No escape for him.

We had it taken yesterday at 7:00am sharp.  Aw, our stomaches were already growling and my throat was so dry.  Imagine, 12hrs! 

Sitting at the high chair with my arm banded with rubber, I could not bear to see the needle invade my vein.  I looked the opposite as the Medical Technologist approached me and would you believe, I prayed???? Thank God, it did not hurt one bit…honest.

Immediately after the test, we flew to the nearest fastfood and binged on fried eggs, garlic rice and corned beef. 

Then, I went to the office and printed my pleading due tomorrow.  Less than two hours after, I stepped down and proceeded to the hospital to get my results.

ALT (SGPT) – within normal range
CREATININE – below normal range (which is good, i gathered)
URIC ACID – within normal range
CHOLESTEROL (T) – 257.77 – Above normal range of 200 mg/dl.


I checked again.  Maybe, it’s my husband’s?

No, it’s mine. 

Both of us have high cholesterol.

I am not particularly shocked with his results.  He’s older than me, so it’s but natural to have high cholesterol (to my thinking…)…But me????  Have you seen me?  I would not suspect myself to have high cholesterol.  Conceited. Seriously, I only eat match box size of red meat and prefer fish and veggies over it…How can this be? 

My sister told me to take medicine to lower my cholesterol count.  Seriously?  Seriously.  And exercise. 

That’s it.  I blame it on my lack of exercise.  I stopped playing badminton months ago…because I feel that I eat so much after playing.  I also stopped dancing with my friends…because it’s so tiring…

But now…health is wealth…and when one has high cholesterol, one has a high risk of getting a heart attack and/or a stroke. 

So, at 34yo, I promise I will exercise everyday.  Starting tomorrow.  And i’ll avoid meat, fried foods, fatty foods…goodbye fried eggs, goodbye garlic rice, goodbye corned beef…

oh, kill me instead… ? : )


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  1. hello ate yeyen!

    i’m surprised you keep a blog. hehehe i love reading blogs!

    i also have one which I have maintained since 2003, but dili sya friendster.

    wish you luck sa pag-exercise and all! 😀

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