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H1_1Huhuhu.  I’m so moved by the ending that I cannot sleep so I’m blogging it.

I said I wouldn’t watch HGD anymore when I learned in the forums that Gildong and Yinok will die in the last episode.  I stopped at Episode 19 (of the 24 episodes).  H2

But tonight, my boredom compelled me to watch the final episode of Gildong, My Hero on KBSWorld.  I had nothing better to do.  I was waiting for my sister to call me and pick her up from the hospital (in just my brother is not available).  I attempted to watch a kdrama at aznv.tv/en but it was choppy.  I went to mysoju.com, but it took forever to load that same episode of the drama. 

Oh, it’s so so sad.  I was not able to contain my tears from falling.  It’s been ages since I cried over a movie  (though in HGD, my sister and I cried in an earlier episode when Yinok and Gildong saw each other the first time after she thought him dead for a year).  The Filipino in me longed for a happy ending.  We have been so spoiled for happy endings in our dramas.  No matter what, love will always conquer all and the bad guys always end up dead.  Right?

H4Oh, but don’t get me wrong.  It’s not that bad or sad an ending in HGD.  It was um…bittersweet ^__^.  Thank God, the script writer allowed both leads to return to each other’s arms and delighted us with their light, romantic moments, albeit brief.  H5Even for a moment, both characters resumed their old selves like they were at the start of the drama when life in Joseon was still uncomplicated.  Gil dong naughtily teasing Yinok and the latter acting stupid as ever ("para ibigin", hehehe). 

Hands down to the writers and the whole production team of this kdrama.  They ended it right.   H6Even Changwi’s ending was superb  (hey, he’s handsome when he smiles, wahahaha!) .  Nothing more, nothing less.  Not so mushy, not so overly trying hard.  It was realistic.  Perfect.  It’s still love conquers all, to the point of supporting one’s beloved even in the face of death.  It’s about so much love for country, from whatever side your are.  It’s about standing your ground and fighting for what you think is right.  It’s also about letting go when you know it’s pointless clinging to an unrequited love.  H7

I loved their last words for each other:
"Gildong, they’re like shooting stars.  Should we make a wish?"
"At a time like this?"
"Yes."  "Ok."

H8"Gil dong, i love you."
"I know."
"You know?"
"Yes, stupid.  I love you, i love you, i love you…"

Awwwssss, why couldn’t they just let them live happily ever after somewhere???? : )

H9H10_1Kang Jihwan
playing Hong Gildong.


Comments on: "Tears and Cheers for HGD ^__^" (2)

  1. i hope i can watch this too. we don’t have kbs here. i wonder if we can download this online.

  2. yes, kris, you can at mysoju.com : )

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