..ang blog ni Yeyen.

What a Shame!

"You could flee…?"

The minute I blurted the words, I could not also believe what I said. 

Before me were the accused, his mother, his uncle and a neighbor.  They wanted to know what would happen to the accused and what his options are after having killed somebody. 

Because I was so shocked with his direct and honest admission, I answered without thinking and could not stop the reckless words from flowing.  The four of them looked at me strangely and vehemently said "No" in unison… that I was so embarrassed.  The lawyer shamelessly advising the offender to flee.  How bad is that? I thought of the victim.  I felt for the victim.  I felt for his family.  I felt guilty for even suggesting such thing.  How in the world could I have said that??? 

After recovering from my shame and shock, thanks to the refusal of the accused, I then proceeded to advise him on what to expect and the likes.  Five years of public practice has not prepared me to deal with offenders of the law who are honest enough to admit having committed the crime and brave enough to face the consequences of his criminal act.

Because of his direct behavior, I decided to help and represent him and I swear, I will do all my best to lessen the sentence to the most minimum! Promise.

Omo, omo,omo, I’m still thinking of my reckless words…and I could still feel the  blood rise to my cheeks from such intense embarrassment.  Oh..and to top it all, that neighbor who accompanied them? He’s a police officer!



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