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Philippines’ My Girl

KimraldLast night, I chanced watching an episode of My Girl – Philippines.  I did not last ten minutes of the telenovela.  Instead, I frantically looked for my My Girl Kdrama and watched it again for the nth time.  The first episode still brought me smiling and laughing. 

I have nothingMy_girl against remakes or versions.  It’s just that:

1.  The Philippine version is miscast.  Gong-Chan and Yoo Rin are in their midtwenties.  Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae are about those ages too.  Kim Chiu and Gerald Andersoon and the rest of the cast, (the secretary, Jeong Woo, etc.) are way too young to play their roles.  Ours is like an episode of Goin’ Bulilit with the kids gagging some show.

2.  The minor changes made in our version do not make sense at all.  Like replacing the career of Sae Hyun from a world renowned tennis player to a beauty queen.  I can understand the tennis champ dumping her boyfriend off, but I don’t think it’s realistic to leave your wealthy boyfriend because you’re busy being beauty queen.  I haven’t heard of beauty queens breaking it off with their WEALTHY boyfriends mainly because of this fact.  Also, it’s understandable that world renowned tennis players have many fans and followers, but not quite for beauty queens (based only on my observation).  I could not also understand why Jasmine idolizes Anika.  Maybe she wanted to be a beauty queen too? I don’t know, last night was the first time for me, so I did not get it.

3.  I thought our version will present My Girl in Philippine setting, incorporating Filipino culture in the process.  We don’t have gangsters here dressed in black! What is more, we don’t have gangsters going after debtors!  Here, we seek the courts if the debtors fail to pay.  It would have been better if the father of Jasmine were evading the warrant of arrest for Estafa by the authorities.  Hehehe.

4.  I’m also confused if My Girl – Philippines is a remake, an adaptation or an imitation.  I mean, Meteor Garden and Hana Yori Dango are based on the same Manga, but I don’t see Dao Ming Zi in Domyouji or Jerry Yan in Matsomoto Jun.  In this case, I can very well tell that Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson are trying their best imitating how Lee Da Hae and Lee Dong Wook played Yoo Rin and Gong Chan in the kdrama.  Even their wardrobe is a replica.  I don’t know if it is the trend right now, but wearing layered clothes here is not possible.  It’s too hot!  In the Kdrama, Yoo Rin was heavily dressed with multi layered clothes because it was winter. Jasmine looked very Koreano with her clothes.  I’m disappointed that ABSCBN also adopted the popular music in the drama.  It’s definitely an imitation. : )

Omo, omo, omo.  Enough already of these ramblings.

Seriously, I think it’s yet too soon to make a remake of the very
popular kdrama hit.  Its viewers will do nothing but compare it with
the original and ramble like me.  To my mind, remakes are good for
imparting to the next generation how good  the drama was, so that they
can also experience and appreciate it. Like what GMA did with Marimar.

A repeat of My Girl barely two years old would just not work (for me). 

I’m sorry to the fans.


I will be looking forward to what will replace the role of the snow in our version.  In the Kdrama, it played a vital role.  The snow represents Yoo Rin’s birthdaysssss.  Everytime it snows, Gong Chan thinks of Yoo Rin.  I wonder what our version will be…rain? typhoon?  earthquake? hehehe.


Comments on: "Philippines’ My Girl" (4)

  1. I like My Girl the Phiippine Version, also my classmates, i know u hate it but face it, the remake is purely Philippine made especially the jeep in the show title card.

  2. hehehe! hi therese sweetie!
    try watching the original langga…then you’ll love it more…

  3. ang ganda. .

  4. COMMENT kau huh. .
    ehehe. .
    chat po tau minzzan. .

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