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Fated to Love You

about four months of trailing this popular romantic comedy over
mysoju.com, it came to a close last August 24, 2008 at episode 24.

romantic comedy kept me on my toes. I had to wait in anticipation every
week as this was only shown Sunday nights on taiwan tv. Episodes
usually get uploaded in the net after two or three days because the
fans had to put subtitles on it first.

The story of a timid,
sticky note girl, who, one twisted and fated moment, shared a mistaken
night of passion with a handsome multi millionaire guy, sole heir to
his family’s wealth. Both of them were not in their right minds that
time — the girl was seasick and was groggy due to the cold
medications she took and the guy was intoxicated by some manipulative
men who were workers of a factory he was planning to close. Anyway, the
girl thought she was giving herself to her boyfriend, while the guy
thought he was sleeping with his fiancee for the first time. After
initial shock the morning after, both of them just enjoyed their little
time together on the cruise ship and began to know each other. They departed the
following day and life went on. Until the girl found out she got

In a freaky turn out of events, the guy’s grandmother
knew of the pregnancy and being so overly worried and anxious in
starting the next generation of their family, she forced her grandson
to marry the girl. The grandson, having been cornered by her
grandmother and the girl’s fiesty relatives, agreed to marry her, with
the intention of divorcing her after his child is born. He and the girl
then arranged to divorce after the birth of the child, the girl
agreeing to leave her child with the guy after.

Trouble set in
when the guy’s fiancee returned from New York unexpectedly, after both
him and his pregnant wife started to develop feelings for each other…

yeah yeah right. You might think, oh i’ve heard this before. Full
House, Goong, Sassy Girl Chunyang, It Started with A Kiss. Uhm, not
quite. This funny drama has its own twists that distinguishes it from
dramas with a similar setting. This is not like Full House and Goong
and ISWAK and Sassy Girl Chunyang where the guy hides his feelings for
the female lead until the second to the last episode, hehehe. The guy
here is very vocal about his love and goes after the girl for whatever
cost. Although she loved him secretly, the naive girl here never hoped
to end up with the guy for she honestly thought she was the outsider
who messed up somebody else’s future together.

There were no
dull moments in the drama, although there were scenes which were corny, especially the dialogues, but it cannot cast a shadow on the
whole show : )

This drama, like other taiwanese dramas, is
excessively extended to include almost all the characters in it. In
fact, the ending was so Filipino where everybody had their own happy
endings. If this were a Korean drama, I bet this would have ended at
Episode 16. Being a Taiwanese drama (remember, Meteor Garden II and The
Prince Who Turned Into a Frog), it had to drag until episode 24
because beyond the leads, there were just too many branches of the story to wrap up. The extended storyline, although annoying sometimes, still
managed to relieve my work related stress after a long day’s work – said
scenes the show could have done without – yet tolerable as this is so
typical of taiwanese dramas (been watching quite a lot).

going to miss watching Fated to Love You. It’s sad that the story of
Chen Xin Yi and Ji Cun Xi has finally ended. This drama had somehow
been with me for four months and it had bore witness to some of my
scary, happy, restless, lazy and tired nights.

Overall, this is
an excellent drama, guaranteed to bring a smile to your face after a
long day with an addictive soundtrack to top it all.

For a taste of it, click here and here — featuring two of my fave songs in the OST.


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