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Another Year

I read somewhere that we actually start our new year with every birthday we celebrate.

I have recently celebrated my birthday and hitting the mid-thirties got me thinkin’. Based on a survey, the average life span of a Filipina is sixty-six years old, four years older than her male counterpart. I’ll have to say, I am slightly halfway my projected lifeline.

One life to live.

The first half was something to be thankful for. I have indeed been blessed by God. He has been generous to all my yearnings in this life. Sometimes, I’m even afraid that I’m getting more than I deserve.

I am never one of those who makes a conscious, definite plan in life. I take what is laid down before me. The only childhood ambition I had was to graduate and work in a bank, hehehe. I took up accounting because my mom’s an accountant. I took up law out of boredom with nothing to do after office hours. I did not plan any of it. Maybe, I was just destined to be one *wink*wink*

I don’t make specific plans for the future because I’m kinda OC – I get really stressed when my plans are altered. You know, the kind who writes the “to do” list everyday and gets hot headed when one in the list is left undone at the end of the day? That’s me.

In the mid-thirties. Wow. I doubt I will grow old like my grandmother who died at 94. I have bad bloodline. My father died at age 55 due to complications of juvenile diabetes. My mother is 67 years old and still kicking…but she’s battling breast cancer (stage 1). Where does that leave me? Do I even get to be 60? (knock on wood).

I was writing this entry with the intention of listing what I want to do in the next half of my life but I just can’t. I don’t know what to expect in the next thirty something years. I’ll just take whatever life throws at me.

I did manage to make my “to do” list for the next year.

What to do (in no particular order):

  1. Make and spend more time with my family and friends. My life is nothing without them.
  2. Practice law like I did in day one. Six years later, I’ve become lazy. Our justice system is starting to bite and piss me, that’s because!
  3. Eat and stay healthy and exercise. Since September last year, I have been adapting my mother’s anti-cancer diet and it shed me about 10 pounds.
  4. Enrich my spiritual life more.
  5. Save more. My aim is to save 60% of what I earn. How’s this even possible?
  6. I wish I can afford to travel to Europe, or to the Holy Land. This is wishful thinking talking.  I know this will turn out undone at the end of the year, so okay, i’ll settle for a trip abroad with my family and my friends.  Hehehe, the one with my friends is a sure thing – we bought our tickets already.   ^ ___^
  7. Religiously apply the anti – aging beauty products I buy but end up throwing after the expiration date.
  8. Read. I so wish I can read more. Not lawbooks, but books. I just don’t have the resources here in BXU.
  9. Be more grateful for all the little things I take for granted.
  10. Love more.
  11. Laugh harder.

That’s about it.

What do I pray for the next year? Good health for me and all my loved ones. I’d exchange anything for this. Promise. ^____^

Oh, and I also pray our country will be able to pull through in the financial crises/meltdown.

Happy new year to me!


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