..ang blog ni Yeyen.


I was about to leave the office yesterday afternoon to attend my niece’s 6th birthday – and then the stereo blasted full volume! The hairs from my arms down to my legs stood up!

Casper, is that you?

Our office employees have been telling me since last year of this strange phenomenon, that out of nowhere, our stereo just plays without anybody turning it on.

And yesterday was my first time to experience it.  Even when I continued to go down the stairs and hurry to the kiddie party, my standing hairs have not recovered.

Today, our employees said the stereo sounded three times this morning.  I told them to pull the plug from the extension wire so that even when the television is turned on, the stereo is dead.  So far, the stereo did not sound again today, although after I directed our messenger to pull the plug, it got so cold in the office – I did not let my thoughts wonder further…

If the stereo continues to play despite being unplugged, I’ll definitely think its Casper.

Or is it a poltergeist as my cousin said?


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