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A Sad Reunion

Straight from Cabadbaran City attending a family’s Golden Wedding, H and I practically flew to Raniel’s Memorial Chapels in Imadejas Subdivision to pay our last respects to our oldest compañero here in the city.

Tonight was the last night of the wake of Former FSUU College of Law Dean Wenceslao B. Rosales.  He peacefully joined our Creator in his sleep at the ripe age of 89.

Dean was my law professor in many subjects since first year until my last year.  He was in his seventies then.  He had a hard time transferring from classroom to classroom especially climbing the stairs.  He had to stop between flights of stairs to catch his breath.  Looking at him at our classroom, all out of breath, I inwardly thought he’d die any time then.

According to the older lawyers, Dean was pretty tough and strict in his younger days as a practicing lawyer.  I did not know him as that.  To us, he was a gentle and a dedicated teacher – his wisdom inspired us all.

Dean took time to motivate me during law school, gave me courage during my bar review, and was one of the first persons who congratulated me when I made the Philippine Bar.  “I will see you in court”, that’s what he said.  He was so proud of all of us who were lucky to hurdle the exams.

When Dean retired about a year or two after our batch graduated, he did not stop there.  He continued to give his support for the FSUU bar examinees through his prayers.  He was very quick to inquire who made the bar and he was always concerned for the ones who failed.

I met my old friends there tonight as we reminisced the four years we were together.  It was great seeing them again after almost 7 years.  Some of us see each other in court, but we never got time to talk and catch up. It would have been better to reunite under happier circumstances.

Even then, tonight was still a celebration for Dean’s life – a life very well lived.

The card given tonight by Dean’s family.


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