..ang blog ni Yeyen.


The Pilgrim Image of Our Lady of Fatima arrived in Butuan yesterday on board the noon flight…There was a procession from the airport towards St. Joseph Cathedral.  A mass followed immediately after the procession.

This Image came from Fatima, Portugal – the same image which shed bloody tears from Our Lady’s eyes.

I was only able to visit the Image this morning before going to the office.  The Image was laid up high so that the devotees cannot touch it.  The blue and white ribbons were free for everybody to touch, though.  When I was there, the church was full, especially of children from Butuan Central Elementary School.  I had a hard time going near the image because the kids were thick.

I looked at the Image and sought Our Lady’s intercession for my prayers – keep my loved ones safe and healthy, help my country in this trying times- that was all i could manage because my mind went blank!

I also prayed for the soul of my grandmother.  Happy Birthday to my Lola Charing — who would have been 95 today!  She was a devotee of Mama Mary.  I cursed myself for waking up late this morning – I missed the trip to the cemetery with the family at 6am!

In my entire life, this is the first February 9 without a big celebration…Miss you, Lola!


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