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Green and Not Clean

I was in court this morning, getting dizzy over my scheduled hearings which have three different venues with overlapped time slots. Worse, it was my turn to present evidence on the three cases.

Just out of court number 1, I rushed to another. Seeing the opposing counsel in my case, I greeted him a cheerful good morning and asked him if the Prosecutor had already arrived, because if not, then I will go to my other case first. He casually told me “nag-s&x pa!” (he’s still having s*x). Even though he was laughing, and the rest of the court personnel laughed with him, I was totally caught off guard with his vulgar reply.

As our case will not be heard without the Prosecutor, I proceeded to another court for my last case. The judge was not yet out and I settled in the lawyers’ corner of the courtroom. I sat beside an elder compañero and to make small talk with him, I asked him where he’s presently holding his office since about a week ago, the copy of my pleading furnished to him was delivered at this new building with his name plastered outside but it turned out it was not his office. He nonchalantly replied “oh, that’s not my office, that’s just for my s*xual activities!”. Again, the rest of the lawyers seated there burst in laughter, but I didn’t find it funny. Hello?

Ok, maybe I am over reacting (read:  gisapot c manang kay nabuang na sa mga hearings).  These green jokes have always been common in this male dominated profession but I still think green jokes said in front of ladies in a formal place with all of us supposed to be in our respectable selves  is in bad taste. Not just in bad taste, it’s plain indecent.

There’s nothing wrong with green jokes as long as it’s made at the proper time and in the proper place. The courtroom is hardly the place for such appalling behavior.



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