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Celebrating Valentine’s Day

‘Tis the day lovers go public to flaunt their love.  With all the hoopla going on, i bet couples are compelled to do something every February 14 to celebrate love.

My sister who is based in Manila had to fly to Bohol to be with her husband on this special day, leaving my beloved niece to the care of the yayas and Tante Doc.  As they say, “mapugngan pang baha, ang gugma dili.” My friend’s “girlfriend” made a side trip to Butuan and just stayed a couple of hours, just to celebrate a pre-valentine get together yesterday with him.

Personally, I would have wanted to let this day pass like an ordinary day.  I do not need a special day to celebrate my love – because for me and my husband, everyday is valentine’s day : ) If I had my way and did just that, it would be weird doing nothing on Valentine’s day when everybody’s doing something – we’d be totally left out!

And so, apart from the customary flowers and dinner, H and I watched a Valentine concert of The Company tonight.  When I told him a few days ago that we’d be watching this, I could not specifically tell him the songs popularized by The CompanY when he asked about them – he’s totally clueless of the group…and I…I know I liked their songs but I could not recall them…?

Anyway, listening to The CompanY tonight sing their popular songs was like a walk down memory lane.  Their love songs brought scenes of the past to my mind…those days in high school and college…the feel of young love and childish heartaches, LOL.  It seemed just around the corner, those days.

We sat in the same table with my good friend Ched and her husband, Arnell.  Ched and I enjoyed singing along their old songs which definitely brought happy memories of our beautiful youth.

The CompanY sang a relatively new song from their newest album released late last year.  It was my first time to hear this new song, entitled Nandito Pa Rin Tayo, and listening to the lyrics of the song had me missing my friends and the laughs and the tears we shared.

So, I’m linking The Company’s music video of Nandito Pa Rin Tayo in this post.

I dedicate this to all my friends and loved ones – you know who you are – Happy Valentine’s Day!


Comments on: "Celebrating Valentine’s Day" (3)

  1. wow, the company. i luvv their songs.

    everyone had something to do on v-day ano? ako i watched the closeup lovapalooza concert with my UP friends. siempre wala ako kahalikan. : )

  2. jattybel, this song is dedicated to you too : )
    oy, out of place mo ngadto sa lovapalooza?
    back na diay ka manila?

  3. hi yensky.

    na, out of place ko didto noh. hahahaha. pero okay ra kay naa man akong couple-friends na taga unilever. so naa mi sa may stage, nagkaon-kaon.

    wow, ill listen to that song then. : )

    im back in manila. went to a lot of places kasi, murag hours lang ko sa manila then went to nearby provinces.but im back na, nagka fever, pero im okay na feb 24. : )

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