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Proxy Mom

I am currently suffering from withdrawal symptoms of post Boys Before Flowers blues.  Transferring my blog to this site is a product thereof.

About a week ago, I  started my duty as an on call proxy mommy to my two nephews and two nieces for the next six weeks. My cousin had to go out of the country for an important seminar, so she handed over the reins on her four children to me. Her husband is too busy running the businesses, so she appointed me to oversee the kids.

Although this has always been my role in life, spending time with the children is actually a treat for me. It’s been so long since I hung out and played with them.

I was so sorry that I missed attending my nephew’s recognition day as an honor student. His grandmother (who’s my aunt) was the one requested by my cousin to attend it but at that moment, her blood pressure was slightly above normal, so the poor child had to go and receive the medal himself with his yaya. The instant I saw him, I told him how sorry I was but he was quick to brush it off saying it was perfectly alright and that I should not worry. He is seven, by the way.

Driven by regret, I made sure I attended my niece’s recognition day. My niece’s face lit up when she saw me approaching her as she stood up to get ready to go up the stage. Her smile, the way she tightly held on to my hand and how she showed me off her classmates melted my heart.

This is why I really don’t have any qualms on not having children of my own. My hands are full with my nephews and nieces that somehow, I am still able to experience simple glimpses of the joys of motherhood with them around.

My youngest niece calls me Mommy, by the way, and the rest of them follow suit from time to time.

Looking forward to a wacky summer with them.


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  1. Hey you! Why wordpress???

    • yenskay said:

      ola, ako na diay kang gi inform sa akong new blog??? wa pa naplastar gani.
      wordpress para layo sa akong blogger, bwahahaha! bitaw, got some cyber friends who are all on wordpress …

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