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The successful examinees of the 2008 bar examinations number only to 20.40% of its total takers. It is reported that the passing rate was lowered to 72.5% instead of 75%.

By God’s grace, our school barely survived, with only one of ours making it. Our passing percentage this year is only 7.14%. It’s our first time in a long while to have a rate lower than the national passing average.

We’ve been massacred this year!!!! I really had high hopes for our candidates, since they were under me in two subjects and I could tell who had a fighting chance to make it. I do not like to question what went wrong with them because that would be adding salt to injury. Besides, I know they did their best to enter in this exclusive fraternity of ours.

This is so like the 2002 Bar Exam (released March 2003) – the bar exam which I took. I was the only one who passed in my batch. There was also another passer from the class ahead of me. At least, we were two. Back then, we were so embarrassed because our first batch had 5 passers.

Since the year 2000, the 2002 bar exam is the toughest with the national passing percentage barely 19%. Unlike this year, our passing grade was not lowered.

Oh, I’m so sad. This is our first time to have only one passer. My time was our worst in our school’s history (hey, it remains to be the toughest exam since year 2000 huh!). This is really below our expectations.  What a blow! I’m having nosebleed!

On a serious note, I empathize with those who did not make it this year. You had made a good fight. Keep the dream and try again.

Aja, aja, fighting!


Comments on: "Massacre" (6)

  1. congrats sa nipasar! unsay aja aja, yen?

    • eds, aja aja is a korean term for “fighting” or “laban” ba sa ato.
      lagi oy, at least wa mi na zero. atay na.

  2. hi yen, i’m so happy my cousin Dendo passed the bar exams. you know he’s like my little brother and I always look after him. mao gd na iyang dream ng atty so i’m glad he’s finally achieved his goal.

  3. Bitaw Yen, at least wala na-zero.

    BTW, Dendo is the one whom you mistook for Khalil in Mark’s wedding pix. Asa gani ni-graduate ug Law si Dendo Mark?

  4. yenskay said:

    sa univ. of san carlos man cguro jen.
    gesh, ako pa jud ang mag attend sa meeting sa mga deans sa law before oathtaking sa april 27 where schools will also be ranked according to percentage of passing. shet.

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