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My Smile is Home

My three year old niece, Nadine, arrived from Manila yesterday with my sister and my brother in law for a two-week vacation in BXU.

On the way home from the airport, my husband, H, was talking to Therese about the recent bar results and how San Sebastian College of Surigao City had three passers, probably because they have s strong tie-up with San Sebastian-Manila (who has a topnotcher this year?).

THERESE:  Unsa diay nang “tie-up” uncle? (what does tie-up mean, uncle?)

HUBBY:     Partnership ba (like a partnership).

My niece was attentively listening and butt in:

NADINE:  What’s a partnership?  What’s a partnership Mommy Yen?

I was not paying attention to her because I was busily listening to Therese.  Nadine faced my sister instead.

NADINE:  Ma, what’s a partnership ma?

My sister was not listening to her also.  Probably left out, she answered her own query instead.

NADINE:  Ma, it’s a boat ma!

hahaha.  ^ ____ ^


Today, we heard Palm Sunday mass at Sto. Niño Church in Libertad.  While the processional was taking place, Nadine stood up the pew and looked on.

Bishop Jimenez, our celebrant passed her by, in his magnificent priestly robes with red and gold design and his red cap (?).  Seeing him, my beloved niece happily cried out:



Welcome home, baby! We’re so happy you’re home.


We were in the farm yesterday to accompany Moses and his classmates.  Nadine saw a carabao while she was playing.

NADINE:  Ma, it’s an elephant!



After staying in BXU for more than a week and talking to her yaya over the phone the night before:

NADINE:  Granny, I have to go back to the condo.

GRANNY:  No, baby, we will all miss you.

NADINE:  But I need to go back na, I miss my ate (yaya) Lang and my ate (yaya) Mai.

NIMU:  You just stay in Butuan because they will cry if you go back to the condo.

NADINE:  No, I will bring uncle Boy, mommy Yen, Granny, Tito Boboy and Tita Joan with me to the condo. I will bring Granny’s house to the condo.



Comments on: "My Smile is Home" (2)

  1. Haaay Yen! Moments like these can really make our day! 🙂

  2. kalingaw ba aning imong pag-umangkon uy! yen i-documnt gid na diri sa imo blog

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