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Tax Woes

I was so early in the bank today to settle all our remaining tax obligations. I had so much cash on me for I was paying for myself (and hubby), my mother, my aunt, and my cousin (who’s out of the country). It was not only for annual income tax (2008), but included first quarter 2009 income tax return and even percentage taxes for the month – for all of us.

The bank was understandably full since yesterday was a holiday, then this week is Holy Week plus the fact that the deadline for 2008 annual taxes is set on April 15.

Looking at all the returns carried by our messenger (yeah, I needed help to bring them), I felt a twinge of despair. So much money meant for the country. I hope it doesn’t get corrupted somewhere along the way. Where will my money go? For infrastructure which will ultimately land in a politician’s pocket? Will it be used to fund some other scam?

I studied the taxes my husband and I paid for year 2008 and my mind drifted away — said money is enough to pay for our intended U.S. trip, complete with plane fare, accommodation and even shopping.

It’s this time of the year when I lament on how unfair it is for the salaried individuals as far as taxes go. My husband and I are not rich but we end up paying 35% of our earnings as taxes. While the truly rich also pay (I hope!) 35% of their income for taxes, they get to “avoid” and maybe even “evade” more higher taxes to be paid.

My husband, who’s a salaried government employee cannot avoid even one peso of his taxes. The taxes for his earnings are directly and automatically withheld by the government upon payment of his salary. On my part, despite the fact that I am not salaried, the accountant and the lawyer in me prevents me from “evading” the right taxes to be paid. Thus, we end up paying the right amount of taxes as citizens of this country.

I glanced at a very rich taxpayer’s return, and I cringed. His amount of taxes is about the same as ours.

It’s so unfair. It’s so unfair. It’s so unfair.


Comments on: "Tax Woes" (6)

  1. Sus, mao gid Yen! I recall a story of a freelance worker in Manila who applied for a TIN and was given the merry-go-round by the BIR. Nag-apply gani TIN, meaning, willing mobayad ug tax. Tapos, gipa-sikot2x na hinoon sa BIR. Unsa ba gid! Kung ako ‘to, kebs! Catch me if you can ang drama. Thankfully, I do not pay any taxes to the Philippine government right now. Well, except for the sangdamakmak na consumer tax which should be more than enough for the government considering what we get in return.

  2. taxes? what taxes?

  3. wala na intawon. pero diri ko bayad. hassle kay they don’t withhold taxes so dapat i-set aside nimo. dako problema kung magasto nimo kay maka igit ka ug bayad. good thing pwede installemnt ang tax payment the ff yr (like monthly). tapos 10-15% lang income tax (top bracket ha). 😉

  4. Same ra mi ni Edsel. Naa man gihapon mi tax contribution sa PInas uy in the form of consumer taxes. Di ba Eds? That means, everytime siya mo-fly to the Philippines and mag-lakwatsa sa Boracay, nagbayad siya tax sa government. Therefore, permanenteha Eds! Hahaha! ; )

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