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Teaching the Teacher

Today was a shocking day.

When I arrived at the office, a client was waiting for me. She was about forty years old and she looked decent and professional. She was there to ask me to prepare an undertaking for her. What was the undertaking for? I asked her. She replied it was for the police station. Since I cannot make an undertaking without the complete facts, I interviewed her.

It turned out she ‘accidentally’ placed a blouse and a handkerchief in her bag while she was shopping at our local mall and that she forgot to pay for it. Upon exiting, she was apprehended by the security guard and immediately brought to the police station. She stayed there for a night.

The management of the local mall is willing to let her case go provided she pay them a penalty of five times the value of the goods she shoplifted and an undertaking that she will not commit the same offense again.

I prepared the undertaking and asked her for a competent evidence of identity as required by the notarial law. She said her identification card is only her GSIS e-card. The minute she said it, my ears shot up. A government employee shoplifted????

She handed me her e-card and then explained that her office identification card was withheld by the police. Just for curiosity, I pushed on and asked her
from what office she was. Her answer made me deaf.

It was Department of Education. She was a teacher.

What the hell???!!!!


Comments on: "Teaching the Teacher" (8)

  1. Gesh Yen! WTH gid! Klepto? Or dala ng pangangailangan? Hey, ok ra ba mag-blog about your cases here, even without names?

  2. yenskay said:

    k ra oy. wa man ko niya gi hire as counsel and she did not tell it to me in confidence, gi broadcast kaya niya sa among office nga kami tanan there nakadungog niya… naki osyosa ra ko. di to pangangailangan no! blouse and hankie, gesh!

  3. lavenderblossom said:

    OMG! Teacher, Shoplifting? Ay, diyos ko, i have learned the moral here, don’t go to the mall if you don’t know what you’re about to do and watch yourself, you might just end up in jail.

  4. She could be a kleptomaniac because of what she did. OR, our teachers are woefully underpaid that some would resort to shoplifting. How sad.

  5. yenskay said:

    i’m thinking she was just living over her budget. hay.

  6. wa siguro nahalin iyang tocino ug longganisa

  7. boang man ka eds,tocino og longganisa man gid.katawanan man mo. but you know, i think klepto ra gd to. or maybe that’s what i would want myself to believe kay maluoy pod ko. ooh life.

  8. hay grabe ha.

    ano na nangyari kay ma’am. dapat dili na siya mag teach. not a good example e.

    i dont know, pero, it is simply not acceptable.

    teaching is the noblest of all professions. mao dapat na a teacher MUST, at all times, at all costs, be a good role model.

    dili na lang siya mag teach.

    kung ako to ikaw, after she would have told me na taga DECS siya,

    i’ll look straight in her eyes and ask: pag xur oi!

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