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Guilty on Good Friday

This year, I woke up about the same time I always did during Good Fridays – shortly before four a.m.

However, I was not up so early to attend the Via Crucis.   I was on my way to Medina with the rest of the family to spend the day at Duka.

Yes. On a Good Friday.

Since forever, I have always attended the early dawn Via Crucis on Good Friday. This year, I feel like I had fallen to temptation and failed my faith. I could go on and on and justify why I ended up going there and not even opposing the plan, but it does not matter anymore. I lacked the willpower to stand up and resist temptation.

I felt terrible when we had to pick up some relatives along the way, and we had to stop several times to give way to the Via Crucis that was taking place in several places. I felt mortified and shameful watching the participants pass us by – I was so paranoid, I thought they were looking at me with accusing eyes.

The guilty feeling continued to plague me even as we came home in the afternoon of Good Friday. The awful feeling afflicted me that I had to go online and check if my faith requires me to observe Good Friday as a Holy Day.

After several readings, I learned that Good Friday (and even Maundy Thursday) is not a holy day of obligation at all.

A holy day of obligation is a day when Catholics are required to hear mass and adhere to Canon Law. While Good Friday is an important date in the Catholic Calendar, it is not a holy day of obligation.

Aside from Sundays which are holy days of obligation, the following are the Catholic Holy Days of Obligation too:

* Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God (January 1)
* The Epiphany (1st Sunday of January)
* Solemnity of St. Joseph, Husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary (March 19)
* The Ascension of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Thursday of the sixth week of Easter)
* Thursday after Trinity Sunday: the Body and Blood of Christ
* Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul, Apostles (June 29)
* The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (August 15)
* All Saints Day (November 1)
* The Feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary (December 8 )
* The Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ (Christmas Day December 25)

Despite knowing that it was perfectly okay for me to miss the Via Crucis this year, I do not feel relieved at all.

I think I need a confession to totally forget this.


Comments on: "Guilty on Good Friday" (11)

  1. Yen, Good Friday is not a holy day of obligation to hear mass since there are no masses on Good Friday. BUT, it is a holy day of obligation for fasting and abstinence, same as Ash Wednesday. This includes abstaining from “fun” activities.

    Sorry if I’m making you more guilty pero that is what I believe. I could be wrong though. Confess na lang para mahiluna^ imo kalag. Happy Easter! 🙂

    • hahaha, mao jen. not obligated to attend via crucis but obligated to abstain from fun activities. We continued fasting but continued with the fun – hardly called fun when my conscience was bothering me all the time. in other words, mirisi.

      it’s a sad reality that when we grow up and live busy lives, it’s only during holidays that we get together and spend time with the kids, etc. haay. did not have the guts to be KJ. wa na noon mi ga overnight but ang uban they did. They continued participating with the church activities there in Medina noon.

      hay, we also heeded the order from Rome to abstain from the internet…pero wa gihapon ka agwanta —taman ra thursday through friday, pagka saturday, nangatol na ang kamot! : )

  2. @ jen
    na unsa na lang ko?

  3. We are all guilty uy. Kay ako sab, nag-internet man gihapon on Good Friday. For me, what you do or do not do in one day does not determine where you end up when you die. It’s what you do in the other 364 days that matter more. Of course, it’s another story if one does not believe in hell at all. Ako ba lang…

  4. party till kingdom come ;-(

    @ jen: agree!

  5. hihihi! ^ ___ ^
    party indeed!

  6. day,

    buotan jud ka noh? urian jud ka kay na guilty man ka.

    im just so glad nagdako ta sa urios og butuan kay na kat-on ta og mala mala about our christian faith and practices.

  7. aba sa good friday. i ate in mcdonalds. na shock gamay si jenny. she just said ay wala na ta mahimo ana!

    my gawd,im so bad.

    kami ra duha sa ako ate sa iya balay sa cdo ato holy week e. so nag laroy laroy ko sa cogon. walay tao.ending nako sa mcdo. nagutom kasi ako.

    ay i forgot, i ate chicken sandwich. im baaad.

  8. good to know di ra ako naging bad on good friday : )

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