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Itsy Bitsy Things

My proxy mom days are coming to an end.  Although my cousin is yet scheduled to come home on May 10, I’ll be out for a week in Manila, so that leaves me about one week to wrap things up and adjust my antenna to my normal mode.

Before, when I baby sit the kids, they were still young, so it was a must that I bring at least one Yaya with me whenever we go out.  Now, since the youngest is 6 (not counting Nadine who was with me for 2 weeks without Yaya and a busy Momma) and the oldest is turning 16 on May 7, I already take them out alone, with the Yayas left at home to relax.

Being with the kids and taking care of them myself, gesh, I realized  I am so lacking in motherly instincts, hahaha, make that lack of common sense, or  lack of foresight.

Thus, the next time I play Mommy, I’ll be sure to:

  1. Use a big bag. The handbag I carry is only enough for my cellphone, wallet, brush, and vanity kit.  When we head out, the kids bring their gadgets with them – cellphones, psp, nintendo, ipods, digital camera, but along the way, they end up giving everything to me for safekeeping and I struggle to keep them all in my bag – my bag was in the verge of bursting.
  2. Bring umbrella always. Since the weather has become crazy, there’s always a higher probability of rain.  When it rained when I was out with Therese,  we had no umbrella.  She asked for a handkerchief to cover her head, I had none (tissue, you want?).  Ending – she covered her head with my bag and we ran wildly to the car across the street.
  3. Bring towel and extra shirts. The kids got so wet after playing or maybe because of the weather.  They approached me, heavily sweating, presuming I was ready to wipe them with towels and change their shirts.  Hello? So Francis had to tell the driver to get towels and new clothes at home and bring it to us.
  4. Bring extra undies. OMG, I thought with the youngest at six, she’s already toilet trained.  Wrong.  We were having fun at a resort and maybe she wanted to delay nature in order to play more – ending, proxy mom had to go wash her and HANDWASH the panty which had poo.  Lord, my limited experience only had me to change diapers, but I’m up to the next level now.  I relayed this to my mom and she said it was good I experienced it at all.  Huh???
  5. Keep extra undies at home. When Therese was growing up, she used to hang out in our house – including taking her baths here.  Everytime she finished her bath, she looked at me with expectant eyes  asking for her undies.  So I kept extra children’s undies in my closet.  Therese has grown up and barely hang out here anymore, so the undies were no longer replenished.  It’s now Nadine who follow me home and take baths with me.  After her first bath, I had no new undies for her that I was forced to let her wear my new bikini panty (fitted her waist perfectly) .
  6. Keep extra toothbrush at home. Connected with no. 5.
  7. Follow up the kids at least one hour before appointed time. I somehow forget the fact that they’re still kids and when I pick them up at the time I set previously, I find them still un-dressed, unbathed, or worst, still sleeping.  The more I pressure them to hurry, the longer it takes us to achieve the purpose – they end up fighting each other or throwing tantrums.
  8. Away from chocolates (and anything sweet). I don’t know with my family.  I get tonsilitis after a chocolate or an ice cream.  So do my cousins.  And now my nephews and nieces.  We were visiting a balikbayan friend and the kids were dying to taste the chocolates from Germany, so I let them eat ONLY one small chocolate and made them drink plenty of water right after.  Ending – Lizbeth had fever the day after due to slightly inflamed tonsils.
  9. Away from the heat. What the hell, when I was young, I stayed under the heat and played outdoor games.  Now?  We go spend an afternoon in the farm and Lizbeth gets fever upon arriving home.  It was probably the heat, my doctor aunt told me — plus, plus, the kids stay in air-conditioned rooms all day so the drastic change of temperature got her.
  10. Bring money. Yup, you never know.  We agreed for a particular agenda, but later they’ll want to eat out too.  When I say “okay” they’ll say they want to invite …too.  How can I say “no” and send wrong signals, when I want them to grow compassionate and generous? Alright-y then.

I’m gonna miss the kids after I am relieved of my post. *** wink, wink, hmmm, after I finish all the dramas I left off because I had to be with them. *** wink, wink, wink. ^ ___ ^


Comments on: "Itsy Bitsy Things" (4)

  1. awww ka cute siguro nimo nga mommy-auntie. : )

    u know, choclates can sometimes nga inflame our tonsils. mao ako, rare din mag chocs. dark chocs tho i luvvv.

  2. Lagot lagi ning tonsilitis oy. i can’t even eat ice cream. shet.

  3. Yen, ka-buotan nimo nga Auntie uy. I never got to do that with my nieces. We do go out from time to time pero naa yaya or ila Mama. You definitely would have been a much better Mommy than me.

  4. jen,
    samukan man pod ko usahay ug daghan alalay kay mao ra japun wa man nay buhaton na, guot guot ra sa sakyanan ^___^

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