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The Whole Nine Years

It seems only yesterday when I vowed before God, family and friends to love and cherish H for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part. I really prayed very hard that I was making the right decision that day. Amidst intrigues and vehement reactions of rumor mongering nobodies, I held my head up high, fought for my love and walked down that aisle with sure steps. With the support of my family and friends, I was very confident to start a new life with my Mr. Right.

Nine years later, nothing has changed. I still feel the same. I still believe he is my Mr. Right – I would readily marry him over again in a heartbeat.

Our nine years together are blessed with happiness and love. Although there are rare petty arguments (usually on our respective cases), everything has been smooth sailing for us. We may not have children of our own, but with God’s grace, such fact never affected our married life. He is very understanding, generous, kind, supportive and loving. I am grateful that God brought me to him because I feel that with him is where I am supposed to be. I do not agree to some contentions that love between husband and wife will wane as the years roll by. In my case, I love my husband more today than I love him yesterday. My love for him grows more and more as I spend more and more time with him. In nine years, I have become so dependent on H that honestly speaking, I cannot live without him anymore. Cliche as it may sound, but that is the truth.

This is the first time that we celebrated our anniversary by ourselves. We just heard mass and had a quiet dinner out. I was not in the mood to entertain and celebrate it with a party because my mom’s not home (she takes care of parties for me) plus the fact that I’m still worried over my mom’s abnormal bone scan results. Hay, that’s another story…

Happy 9th wedding anniversary to me : )


Comments on: "The Whole Nine Years" (14)

  1. Happy anniversary Yen! May 5 man mo no? Kami sab mag-6 years na sa May 8. 🙂

    • yenskay said:

      hi jen! May 6 mi, May 5 c babang : )
      Advance Happy Wedding Anniversary! Regards ko ni Ariel.

  2. Hello!

    Happy anniv, yen and H! may you have 90 beautiful more years together!

    you go, gurl!

  3. Happy Anniversary Yen & H! 😉

    Kulbaan man pud ta ana kang Nanny uy! Hope ok ra.

  4. i’m very happy 4 u Yen. Follow your heart gyud daw and you cant go wrong. I cant imagine kung imong na dayonan si G or si D. Guba unta imong future and dili unta ka ma Atty. So good job! hehehe enough with that “bad boy” attraction. Such a stupid idea.

    • yenskay said:

      hihihi, stupid indeed! : )
      imo pa jud ko remind, nakalimot nako ato nila, bwahahaha!

  5. Mark, bad boy diay si G? Isumbong ta ka! Hehehe…

  6. hala oi, abi nako si G to the infinite power.ahahaha. good boy baya to siya. lahi diay na G. gesh. murag kaila kao ana. hahahaha

  7. hahahahaha. uuu kaila ko. do not love thy neighbor, ika nga. hahahaha

  8. Ay nakadumdum na ko sa the other G. Gesh! Those were the days…

  9. yen,

    maayo paka very colourful imo past lovelife. o di ba? murag si mix, colourful pod.

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