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My Old Thoughts

I’m so happy!  The posts in my Friendster blog have been imported to this blog already, whoopee!

WordPress does not support the automatic import of my posts there but while reading the forums, I got it figured out – sort of, hahaha.

I went to my Friendster account, went to My Blog Home, clicked Manage, clicked Export, then Downloaded my files to Movable Type or Type Pad and saved it to my PC.  Then, I went to WordPress, clicked Tools, then clicked Import, entered my saved Movable Type or Type Pad file when prompted, then done…huh…not quite.  The menu said “Import Successful, Have Fun” but I couldn’t see my files anywhere my blog.

So I contacted WordPress Support and brought the matter.  Support immediately emailed me asking me to send that Type Pad file I saved so that they can check it.  Next email I heard from them, they told me the files are here already.

And they’re here! Thanks to Nick of WordPress Support.


Comments on: "My Old Thoughts" (5)

  1. mackenzie said:

    hey there. i was really so thankful i found this article regarding exporting blogs. i need to export mine too to my computer but friendster won’t let me. i mean, i need to change my sheet to xsl to xml. i’m not a techie so i don’t know where to do this and i don’t even know what a sheet is. i’ve checked all my settings in friendster but it didn’t show where i can do this. do you have any idea on this? it would really be a big help if you can share it to me. thank you very much.

  2. mackenzie said:

    what do you mean by movable type or type pad? ’cause when i did hit the button download, it went directly to the “save” button yet it won’t let me. do i have to do something before hitting the “save” button. i already emailed friendster but they said they can’t “support” me with my inquiries. well….i just don’t get it.

    • yenskay said:

      hmmm, when i hit the save button, it directly saved the movable type or type pad to my pc.
      it would be better to email wordpress support on this because when i couldn’t see the imported files here, wordpress support was quick to assist me and even did it for me.

  3. mackenzie said:

    maybe i should do that. thanks a lot.

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