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I had a movie date with my mother and my aunt yesterday.  I really wanted to beg off because of my back pain that I’d been feeling for about a week already.  When I called my mother to cancel, she was already set to go and my aunt was also there with her in Balbarino waiting for me to pick them up.  Of course I did not have the guts to dampen their spirits so I proceeded to pick them up, no matter how much I longed to rest my back on my bed.

I met a few friends outside the theater and most of them were watching Angels and Demons.  I wanted to watch that movie too but duty calls and I have to please the elders and treat them to a night of laughter.  I was reserving Angels and Demons for a movie date with H later this weekend.

We did not know what to expect of BFF.   We had been fooled by those ABS CBN trailers before and we were kind of wary this was one of those movies that they plug as “ang ganda ganda!” which turn out the opposite.

There was nothing spectacular about the  movie and it had the usual “tatak pinoy” scenes – the fast forward animated running and chasing, the singing of the cast in the middle of nowhere, plus the choreographed dancing- but it was truly funny.  My mom and I were laughing out loud (my aunt slept through!).  The dialogues were witty and catchy.  The plot was new and the acting of Ai-ai was hilarious.  Sharon’s acting was also excellent (as usual?).

Speaking about Sharon, I really admire her for accepting her role in the movie.  Her heavy figure was being ridiculed by several characters in the movie (Ai-ai, John, Gina, etc) but she bore it.  Maybe she is being practical and has accepted the fact that unless she goes back to shape, this kind of role will have to do for now.

I would have fully enjoyed watching the movie had it not been for the big rats chasing each other around the theater.  I was always on my toes and I had to glance off the screen several times because I was intently looking out for them.  I was wearing sandals and I was apprehensive the rats might run over my feet.  In between laughs, I suffered in silence.  I did not tell my mom about it because I did not want to spoil her night.  Besides, she needs to laugh to ward off those cancer cells.

I was not able to put off my fear any longer though.  Shortly before the movie ended, I already stood up because the rats were going our direction.  My mom and my aunt were confused because they still wanted to watch the NGs.  I did not care to hear their objections and just bolted out of my seat.  I practically ran out of the theater with them tailing behind.

On better note, I totally forgot the pain in my back during the movie.  I even felt refreshed after (erasing the rats part).  When I woke up this morning, my back pain was gone!

That movie did me good but that will be my last movie for now (until I forget about the rats).


Comments on: "B: Back pain, BFF, Bit of fun, Big rats!" (10)

  1. laughter is the best medicine. even for back pains. sa Gaisano ka nitan-aw nga naay ilaga?

    • yenskay said:

      eds, sa Gaisano jud, asa pa man diay…bag o pa baya na, ngano man dagko na man ang ilaga.
      should i call the attention of the management about it? hahaha.

  2. I watched BFF last friday night with a fellow Butuanon. I really had to coerce him to watch it with me because he wanted Angels and Demons (tama ba ang title?). However, my being a big Sha-Gabo fan won over, so we went to watch it.

    Wenn Deramas experiments well with his movies and TV projects. This was not his best comedy movie yet it was fun. If this movie made well at the tills, then we expect an Sha-Gabo movie in the offing soon. However, Sha dismisses such eventuality. Ayaw daw niya (muna I suppose).

    If you will write about the plot, seryoso ito. And it made the women look good while the men look bad.

    I particularly got moved by the sub-story of the daughter and her user-friendly crush. So kaka(inis).

    I watched it at Waltermart Mall with their clean and spacious seats. I wouldnt trade this for greenbelt or glorietta. mas type ko dito kasi konti lang tao and walang jologs na nanunuod (except for myself).

    Bait naman ni yen. Parental duty. Sweet.

    I had a fun yet tiring three days with my pamangkins. Hay I really got exhausted talaga.

    But I enjoyed naman. Parang ang saya pala mag guide at magpalaki ng mga bata.

    • yenskay said:

      lingaw bitaw magbantay bata jas noh?
      ngea, di na puwede sharon-gabby oy, dako na man kaayo c sharon…for now…
      yup, lami ang plot – especially nga nilagpot c john sa accident, i liked it! hahaha!

      • hahahaha.

        dear, gisundog man to nila sa youtube video na Jesus Christ – I Will Survive.

        watch it. funny na blasphemous.

  3. Gaisano daghan na ilaga? ang reklamo nako before was their very poor sound system.hinay kau ang audio pastilan. and now rats nasad?hay nako.way au na ilang management

    • yenskay said:

      markv, wa na nako na notice kaayo ang audio kay tua ra ko sa ilaga nagbantay!
      wa na koy matan awan nga sine diri oy. gesh.

  4. Pangit bitaw ang audio sa G Mall. Tapos karon ilaga na sab. Magtukod na lang ta ug 91k Cinema. Hehehe…

  5. therese said:

    Bitaw tita, pati sa grocery, daghan ug rats didto because nag-uban mi ni mama sa grocery, then we passed by the meat section and to my surprise, i saw a big black rat! Ni abot na diay sa cinema ang rat, all i thought was that sa grocery ra to. Good thing i didn’t go to Gaisano Cinema this week.

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