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Falling Glory

I’m losing so many strands of my hair lately.  The strands falling on the floor and those left on the pillow can no longer be ignored.   Although they say we normally loose 100 strands of hair a day, I think I’m losing more because I’m already noticing the falling hair.

My sister was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata more than a month ago.  This is a condition wherein bald patches are found on the scalp.  She has about two bald patches the size of our ten centavo coin.  She cried a river then, but her doctor and my sister-doctor assured her it was reversible with medical treatment.  It did and now new hair has slowly grown on those bald patches.  Her treatment regimen is a bi-weekly dose of some medicine injected directly to the patches.  Aside from this, she applies Minoxidil Regrow twice a day and take oral medication to promote hair growth.

Some years ago, I also had excessive hair loss and when I went to a Dermatologist, she prescribed Minoxidil for me too.  She likewise told me that since there was baldness in my father’s family, I should keep on applying Minoxidil f o r e v e r.   I followed her order for a while and when the falling hair stopped, so did I.

Until lately.

Now I’m back to square one and this time, I’m diligently following my medication:  Apply Minoxidil Regrow twice a day and take Matrix 5000 Hair Nail and Skin tablet once a day.  The Minoxidil will stimulate my “hair matrix to continuously divide and multiply, dilate and increase the size of smaller blood vessels around follicles for improved blood flow and better nutrition and oxygenation and act as anti-androgen to inhibit the synthesis of dihydrotestosterone (the active form of androgen which is responsible for the clinical appearance of baldness)”.   The tablet, which is a complete essential dietary supplement of Biotin 5000 mcg, Silica, Lutein, Vitamin A, C, E and Zinc, will boost hair luster and hair growth.  It also promotes healthier skin and healthier and stronger nails.

There’s a new addition to my dresser now:



Comments on: "Falling Glory" (14)

  1. our hair pala has a cycle. the strands are suppose to shed off. hair is supposed to stay for 6 years. then there’s an incubation period before it grows back. However, those with alopecia condition, the incubation period gets longer. For men, this is the problem.

    I just hope that one day the speedy cure will be discovered.

    Since you are a female, that should give you more hope compared to us, men.

    • yenskay said:

      lagi jas, at least kung female, di man ma completely bald, but monipis lang ang hair nga makita na ang scalp. This is what happened to my aunt who is my father’s sister – but lain gihapon tan awon kay as in, makita na jud ang bagol bagol sa head.
      But, mas ok baya ang males kay they can take minoxidil orally, sa babae, topical ra kay makadaut daw.
      hay, mag save na lang para sa hair transplant!

      • JC Guapo said:

        bitaw, save for hair transplant just in case. mahal ra ba na, di ba?

        but im sure you wont need it. you still look great naman e.dont stress urself too much at work na lang po, madam.okay? : )

  2. so stress related ni yen? c dendo and c derkie i know of nga naka experience ani nga hair problem.pahak pahak ilang ulo.kahadlok ba

    • yenskay said:

      hoy, kanang bald patches sayon ra na i treat no…c abe abarquez pod og clint dabalos used to have those. adto ra sila derma oy, injections ra na and minoxidil, human na. kang Nimu gani, naglibog na iya derma this week asa na ang patches para iya injectionan kay daghan na nitubo nga buhok. paadtua sila derma.

  3. Hi, just wanna ask where can I buy the matrix5000 vitamins? May I know the name and clinic of the dermatologist who recommended it to you? Thanks a lot.

  4. hi Anabelle.
    It was my sister who bought it for me from a female dermatologist at Makati Medical Center. the main ingredient of that is Biotin which you can find at any Healthy Option branch [Biotin Dietary Supplement].
    thanks for dropping by.

    • thanks so much for the reply! may i know if it works for you? having this problem and it’s getting worse lately. how about the minoxidil? is it really effective? thanks again 🙂

      • i think so. I took the matrix5000 while i applied minoxidil. the alarming falling of hair slowly stopped until it went back to the usual number of strands that didn’t worry me.

  5. magkano po niyo nabili ung matrix 5000 sa derma niyo?

    • it was P 2300 i think or P 2600.

      • pwede makuha contact details ng derma. na nagbebenta po nian? i badly need that kasi. thanks 🙂

      • it was my sister who bought it for me and she couldn’t remember the name of the Derma. All she said is that she bought it from her clinic in Makati Med.

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