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What Went Wrong

The recurrence of my mother’s cancer got me thinking really, really hard.

She was a stage one grade c patient (tumor size 2.0cm, lymph nodes 0/14), Estrogen/Progesterone Positive and HER2 Negative.  Meaning, her cancer is fueled by estrogen and her genetic make up does not produce a certain protein which multiplies aggressively.  It was supposed to be the “safest” cancer to get.

Since her cancer is not chemo sensitive, she is under hormonal therapy.  To stop fueling the cancer, she took TAMOXIFEN for 18 months.  When adverse side effects of the medicine affected her liver, she switched to AROMASIN.  Her recent condition prompted her doctor to change her hormonal therapy to ARIMEDEX.

“Some breast cancer cells require estrogen to grow (as in my mother’s case). Estrogen binds to and activates the estrogen receptor in these cells. TAMOXIFEN is metabolized into compounds that also bind to the estrogen receptor but do not activate it.  It prevents estrogen from binding to its receptor. Hence breast cancer cell growth is blocked”.

“In women who have had their menopause the main source of oestrogen is through the conversion of androgens (sex hormones produced by the adrenal glands) into estrogens. This is carried out by an enzyme called aromatase. The conversion process is known as aromatisation, and happens mainly in the fatty tissues of the body. Aromasin is a drug that blocks the process of aromatisation, and reduces the amount of estrogen in the body”.

AROMASIN is steroidal which INACTIVATES the aromatase in her body permanently.  ARIMEDEX on the other hand is non-steroidal which INHIBITS the aromatase in her body.  Since ARIMEDEX only inhibits the aromatase, it is thus temporary, unlike AROMASIN which inactivates it permanently.  Unfortunately, since the cancer recurred despite her intake of AROMASIN, her oncologist ordered her to start taking ARIMEDEX instead.

Having cleared the slight difference of Aromasin and Arimedex, I was more alarmed by what I read further.  Tamoxifen, Aromasin and Arimedex (and the rest of those hormonal therapies) only block, inactivate and inhibits the estrogen PRODUCED by the body and NOT THE ESTROGEN THAT IS DIRECTLY TAKEN INTO THE BODY.  I read more and I discovered that there are actually foods which have natural estrogens.  So I searched thoroughly, and to my horror, the list includes the following foods:

Animal flesh
Dairy Foods – Eggs
Olive oil
Papaya – Pomegranates – Plums – Apples – Cherries – Dates –
Red beans – Split peas – Chickpeas – Cowpeas (black- eyed peas)
Red clover – Sage – Parsley – Garlic – Hops – Licorice – Clover – Alfalfa
Rhubarb – Pumpkin – Potatoes – Peppers – Peas – Tomatoes – Yams – Olives – Cucumbers – Beets – Carrots – Eggplant
Sesame seeds – Sunflower seeds – Fennel – Flaxseeds – Anise seed
Soybeans – Soybean sprouts
Wheat – Oats – Rice – Barley – Baker’s yeast

OH MY GOD.  My mother’s “healthy” anti –  cancer diet is mainly rice, papaya, potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, oats, eggs, cucumbers, eggplant.  While these are generally anti-cancer foods, these are not good for breast cancer – estrogen positive patients because their cancer rely on estrogen to survive.  It’s like my mother directly fed her cancer cells to recur.  Aromasin failed because it cannot inactivate the estrogen not being produced by the her body.

I want to cry, I want to cry, I want to cry.  I had strictly imposed upon my mother to eat loads of raw tomatoes and carrots every meal, oats for breakfast, red rice for lunch and dinner.  It’s like we brought her cancer back.

Instead to dwelling on this frustration, I read on to learn that there are also food that naturally inhibit estrogen in the body:

Berries – Citrus Foods – Figs – Fruits (except apples, cherries, dates, pomegranates) – Grapes – Pears – Pineapples – Melons

Cabbage – Corn – Green beans – Broccoli – Onions – Squashes

Millet – Buckwheat – White rice – White flour


So, starting last night, my mother’s diet had drastically changed to a narrower choice as listed above.

She is also taking lemon grass water now.  Lemon grass, or tanglad, is known to cause the cancer cells to self-destruct.

My husband’s friend was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  He was on treatment for six weeks but his condition did not improve.  He later drank lemon grass water and a month after that, he got cured, his prostate returned to normal.

Our aunt’s neighbor in Bohol was poor and was not able to avail of the usual treatments and only drank tanglad water and she’s still alive.

Aside from lemon grass, my mother will also devour malunggay.

My brother in law’s aunt had cancer in the advanced stage.  Her breasts had turned hard like stones and turned yellow, grey and violet.  She did not undergo surgery.  Her armpits had lumps all over.  Since she was also poor, she did not undergo treatment but only ate malunggay.  That was in 2006.  It’s already 2009 and she’s still alive.

Die, cancer, die!


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  1. this is a very informative entry. however, i feel for you and your family because this is your actual experience.

    but what is most beautiful about this is the fact that in your family’s struggle to free your mother of the big C, you are able to share this experience to the rest of the world to take heed and learn.

    brings us back to the many lessons we’ve learned in Christian Living, and somehow for others to live, some had had to sacrifice.

    I pray that the Good Lord will heal your mother and your family.

    Thank you, yen, for these entries because I am learning and I am able to share these to my family and the rest who have a cancer history in their families.

    May time be by your side, and with your quick action and foresight, like what you’ve shown, you will be able to discover more truths about the big C and how to inhibit it from metastasizing, and eventually winning over it.

    I am certain that God sees all these.

    I feel that indeed what we eat helps us to be nourished properly, and what we take from the Lord more than satisfies our bodies and souls.

    God bless to your nanny.

    God bless to you and your family.

    God bless to us all.

  2. Yen,

    im so into drinking green tea and stuff.

    i think i would like to drink tanglad water na rin from now. why not, di ba? kahit we are still young and healthy, it might help us now pa lang.

    makabili nga ng tanglad. initon lang ni, di ba?i-boil? Thanks.

    Para rin itong tawa-tawa. on the first instance na magka dengue, drink tawa-tawa concoction (tawatawa boiled in water), make it your only drink.

    This helps to clot your blood and stops the internal hemmorhage. Of course, one needs to have platelet transfusion if the doctors deem it fit.

    But the tawatawa helped.

    I had mentioned this last year to muslim families ive met in gensan and sultan kudarat that tawa tawa helps.

    one day last month, they called me up. one of them is in danger of dying already because of dengue and having a rare blood type AB, he is not able to easily find blood sources. his platelet count was dangerously low and he was already bleeding. there was water in his lungs.

    they asked about the tawa-tawa. and they made him drink the concoction right away, no end.

    on the 3rd day, we was already well.

    praise God for nature.

  3. yenskay said:

    yup jas, just add the tanglad leaves to your pitcher filled with hot water (but dapat gihugasan na nimo ang tanglad ha). tapos, drink it na dayon during the day.
    correct, praise God for nature!

  4. yenskay said:

    thanks jas for your encouraging words. : )

  5. I’m so thankful about this lemon grass, I am diagnosed a Stage 0 Grade One Invasive Ductal Carsinoma (pre-cancer of the breast). I undergo minor surgery in my right breast for biopsy. I cancelled the scheduled operation since I dont have enough money. My Mom called me over the phone and gave me some alternative remedies to treat my pre-cancer diagnosis. And when I learned about the Lemon Grass or Tanglad sa Bisaya, I immediately drink on it almost everyday before going to my office, I have to sip 1 glass of hot lemon grass, I feel better now. But I have to visit again with my doctor for a pre-surgery X-ray and Ultrasound next month.. Hoping that God will give me enough healing. Please do pray for me. Thank Ms. Elen.

    • yes, you’re welcome.
      what’s your age, by the way? hehehe. age in breast cancer is very significant right? cancer cells are the fiercer kind in the young than in those who got it after menopause.
      who’s your doctor? my mom’s doctor is pretty good. you can email me for any questions.
      take care and yes, i’ll pray for you. may God be with you in your fight against this blasted disease.
      take consolation that you caught it at its earliest stage, so the battle is kinda half-won already…

  6. I am 34 but will be turning 35 this October. My Doctor is Dr.Yap who conduct the minor surgery for biopsy and my current doctor is Dr.De Leon, a breast cancer specialist. Since I was diagnosed of IDC In-Situ, I tried to have a second, third opinion of my biopsy but still the result are the same.. Invasive Ductal Carsinoma In-Situ.. My doctor explained it to me very well with a powerpoint presentation. But with the expensive PF, I turned down the schedule. My Mom called me on the phone to try for a Non-Traditional Herbs… and to change my diet and lifestyle…that I am currently doing and of course, I quite OK..but still suffering from pain sometimes (in my breast) and lower kilikili ko… I dont know what is happening on my body, but I am still taking this Miracle C, Mega A and Multi-five Mushroom…with Greenpower Barley and of course Tanglad.. what is your suggestion for me?

    • hi! we have the same age : ) my mom’s doctor is dr. villalon sa PGH.

      couldn’t you just do both traditional and western treatment? that’s what my mom is doing.

      since you’re young and since it’s stage 0, i think it would be better to prioritize and get the surgery…but yes, this disease is not cheap. sayang lang if the stage zero would go to stage 1 or more because of not getting it out. when my mother discovered the lump, it was still 1.2 cm and the doctor told her to take it out immediately otherwise, it would be stage 2. when she had the lump removed, it was already 2.0 cm in size in a matter of two weeks.

      i also agree with your mom, change your lifestyle and the diet. but i hope and pray you’ll figure a way to get the surgery.

      you might want to read this entry at my friendster account : http://yenskay.blog.friendster.com/2008/09/silver-linings/

      God bless you.

      • by the way, how did you discover you have cancer? it’s stage 0 so it’s rare you caught it in the nick of time…

  7. Hi!

    I discovered my cancer through the breast mass that is palpable. When I consulted my doctor, (Dr.Yap) he told me to remove the mass. so I undergo a mammography and sono mammography (Ultrasound) of breast and it is where they find it pre-cancerous. I could not understand the doctors when they said it is invasive ductal carsinoma In-situ.. he told me that is pre-cancerous but how come it is invasive? while it is In-Situ?

  8. the whole mass is totally removed already..but according to him, there are some cancer cells that is already out from the mass. pwedi ba yun? What I understand about In-Situ is Intact hindi pa kumakalat…but why is it they told me na Invasive Ductal Carcinoma??

    Yan ang hindi ko maintindihan.. can you help me with this explanation?

    • i read that In-Situ only means that the duct cells in the breast have developed the ability to multiply out of control – one of the characteristics of cancer. The cancerous cells are filling the duct, but have not yet spread beyond the lining of the duct – the cancer cells have not yet penetrated (‘invaded’) through the basement membrane (the membrane at the base of the epithelial lining of ducts or glands).

      that’s why this needs to be caught immediately because if it goes to the lining of ducts or other glands of the breast, it’s no longer In-Situ and is already officially “breast cancer” and no longer pre-cancer stage.

      once the cancer cells spread to the other parts of the ducts or glands of the breasts, it has already matured to Invasive Ductal Carcinoma (without the In Situ).

      hmm, maybe your doctor means that there area still cancer cells filling up the ducts — but not to the extent that it has reached the epithelial linings thereof or other glands. ask your doctor what he means exactly, hehehe.

      my mother’s case is Invasive Ductal Carcinoma, btw.

  9. I’ll tell my tita about tanglad, hopefully it would cure her… I just want to clear… you just have to put the tanglad in hot water, you don’t have to boil it together with the water?

    • yes, no need to boil it in the water. my sister, however, boils water and about three to five minutes before turning the stove off, she puts the tanglad to the water.
      btw, you need to really clean the tanglad ha – soak it in water with salt for about 15 minutes to wash away the dirt.
      thanks for dropping by.

  10. to d 2 gals talking abt cancer, f u know dr mancao,he was 1of d surgeons of heart cntr, makati, etc. he said dat we shud not undergo biopsy 4 cancer becoz it wil create an opening 4 d cancer to spread. just take antioxidant food and change ur lyfstyle.cancer cells r alive in acidic people..

  11. I also read this Top about biopsies. To bad I found out to late. I am stage 1 invasive ductual adenocarcinoma, er pr her- neg lymph nodes. I am waiting on my oncotype-dx test to see if my cancer would benefit from chemo, which I dont think I will do anyway. I also read to take modified citrus pectin(MCP) a few days before surgery and for the year after. It inhibits the cancer from attaching to other cells if they get in your bloodstream during surgery when the tumor is excised and more likely to spread. I also take wheatgrass juice daily and chia seeds all organic. Any other info would greatly help. I will be starting on lemongrass tomorrow when I go to the store and what is malunggay? Oh I am 41.

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