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With summer ending, I was ready to give up our blood testing for this year.  H hates getting his blood chemistry done and never runs out of excuses to avoid it.  Since last year, I had to schedule it during summer because it’s a relaxed time for him.  Thank God for this long weekend, I managed to coerce him to take our 12-hour fasting since six o’clock in the evening yesterday so that we can submit ourselves for our blood works early this morning.

Honestly, I’m not so concerned with my results because being relatively young, I’m quite confident I’d pass it all with flying colors (but last year, I failed with my high cholesterol count!).  It’s H that I’m always worried for.  This time especially, since the doctor included Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) testing for him because he is nearing sixty.  This test is supposed to screen prostate cancer.  I’m so allergic when I hear cancer.

As expected, I grew so hungry and thirsty since my last meal at Aling Cora’s yesterday.  My growling stomach practically woke me up shortly before six and off we scampered to the hospital.

My tests included uric acid, complete lipid profile, creatinine, SGPT, complete blood count and urinalysis.  I paid a hefty P 1,989.00 for that.   On the other hand, H’s test included all of mine plus PSA and Glycosylated HGB.  My mouth ripped open when I had to pay P 5,305.00 for all of his tests.

With my wallet empty, we proceeded to the laboratory to have our blood drawn.  The Medical Technologist looked familiar to me and she even asked me if I were from Urios.  Unlike last year, I did not call Jesus when the needle touched my skin.  It was quick and over so soon.  My mom had to go through that terror everytime she goes on her quarterly check ups.

Immediately after leaving the hospital, H and I proceeded to Jollibee just like last year, and savored those greasy and unhealthy breakfast meals.  We have not eaten breakfast in Jollibee for soooo long because of our diet change more than a year ago.  This morning was an exception, though, to reward H for braving that needle, hehehe.

The hospital told me our results will be ready by one this afternoon.  Right after lunch, I informed H I’ll get them around two p.m.  He told me he will just drive me there and will just wait in the car with hazard lights on because there were no parking spaces in front of the hospital and it would be so hot for me to park farther and walk in the sun.  I think that’s just his alibi but it was obvious he was also worried about his prostate screening.  I was also afraid but I sported a carefree attitude to ease his worries.

The clerk was still checking our results in the counter but I could already see the top sheet – it was hubby’s PSA result and I sighed and thanked God, it was only 0.38 ng/mL, well within the normal range of 0 – 4 .  When the clerk handed the results, I set aside mine and concentrated on H’s.

I’m so relieved, almost everything is normal – special mention:  his glycosylated HGB of 5.2% which was 7.3% last year (normal range is 4.5 – 6.3).  Glycosylated HGB is a test to check blood sugar count for the last three months.  This differs from fasting blood sugar count because the latter is only the count for that particular moment; the glycosylated HGB will determine if the blood sugar has been controlled and yes, I’m so happy his is.  In the past, Hubby’s blood sugar is slightly above normal ranging from 126-140 – but once he diets and exercises, his count is anywhere 90-120.  All the rest of his tests are within normal ranges except for his cholesterol and triglyceride  counts.  They are still above the normal ranges but compared to last year’s counts, both have substantially reduced.  Thank God for that.

As for my results, I’m also grateful that everything is in order.  I was so shocked with last year’s results concerning my lipid profile because my cholesterol count was above normal.  This year?  Way, way, below and within the normal ranges.

How did we do this?  We made a dramatic diet change – no more fried and baked foods, no more red meat, lots of fruits and vegetables.  I also walk and run the treadmill five times a week.  It did wonders to both of our results.

We were so happy with the results, H brought me directly to Greenwich to celebrate.  We ate fatty food again:  he ordered ONE slice hawaian pizza and a macaroni salad for me (I cannot bear to eat pizza).  No soft drinks for the both of us; just purified water free of charge. : )

Oh, I’m typing this while munching Chippy (red), hahaha – it’s been more than a year since I ate it.

Praise God for good health!


Comments on: "Bloodworks" (4)

  1. Hi I think this is a fantastic blog, keep up the good work…

  2. Kabalo ka, tama na si Sarah.

    Ganahn jud ko sa imo blog kay naay katuturan.

    Hay daghan ko mapunit diri sa imo blog,’day!


    Salamat kaayo.

    See you in manila. manlaag ta ha pag moabot mo diri nila manay. : )

    • yenskay said:

      psst, where have you been? mingaw man kaayo ka.
      got dara posts sa kblog, hahaha.
      thanks jas.

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