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The Mini Park

The FSUU Main Mini Park

The FSUU Main Mini Park

Classes at the FSUU College of Law started yesterday.  On my way to climb the stairs leading to the law building and rushing to my 7:30 P.M. class, two of my previous students informed me that the classroom of the Second Year class was already transferred to CB 111.  I asked where it was located and they pointed me to the direction of the mini park and said it’s that room on the first floor. I dashed to the room without care to my surroundings.

Tonight, I was a few minutes early for the said class.  I slowly walked in the lobby, read the bulletin about the AH1N1 Virus, then proceeded to the mini park.  I looked up and saw a dark, starless and moonless sky.  I looked to my left and I admired the relatively new chapel called Aloysius (?) Gonzaga Chapel.  I wondered who this Aloysius Gonzaga was, though now I don’t remember if there was a Fr. or a St. before the first name.  I’ll look on it later.  After praising the chapel, I glanced to my right and saw a very deserted mini-park.

Then, happy memories uncontrollably flooded my mind.

I saw myself in my beloved school uniform -Navy Blue jumper and White blouse-, standing in line for our flag ceremonies during high school.  I found myself in between Jenny B. and Zandee A. I saw my classmates in the line with me.  Their faces flashed to my mind.

I saw myself there dancing during many school dances – acquaintance parties mostly.  Oh, and of course, the prom, where I had sat on the mini park cemented bench with my partner (may his soul rest in peace) and talked with him for a while – I don’t remember what we talked about now.

I specifically remember wearing a printed orange blouse with a black skirt with matching orange and black printed pumps, dancing with the rest of my classmates to the tune of Conga during our Senior acquaintance party.  And dancing later in the night with my crush then.  Taking class pictures up the stage; taking barkada pictures too; and taking “solo” picture with my crush, hahaha.  I can’t forget Mitchoy wearing dark shades during the night in this event because she had sore eyes then.  And Lyna, wearing a matching black leather top with mini skirt, hahaha.

I remember wearing a yellow blouse and mini skirt during our Second year in a cheering contest. Was I a cheer dancer??? Strange, but I can’t recall what I did during contest.  Did we dance in front???

I see my group in class practicing “Romeo and Juliet” on the mini park stage.  So many nights were spent there which I looked forward to.  It was extended time with my “bishounens” (those who watch JDoroma know what I’m talking about, hahaha).

This is weird but I recall Clemente up the stage and practicing “Humanap Ka Ng Panget” there.  We were there hanging out with several classmates too.  Were we practicing for a presentation?  I later learned, after several years, that Mitchoy started noticing Clements with this “Humanap Ka Ng Panget” stint. : )

I also see myself with the rest of my classmates lying on the mini park very early in the morning.  This was after the Misa De Gallo mass where we sang as choir – it was the morning after we lost to a singing contest.  As I’m writing, I still hear the faint  “Pasko Na, Sinta Ko” in my mind.

It has been eighteen years since those memories.  So many things have happened since then but the mini park stayed the same.  It did not look like eighteen long years have passed there.  Of course, there is already the nursing building erected to its left side (where I hold my law classes at the first floor), the chapel opposite the stage and some kiosks to its right, but everything looked the same to me.  It seemed time stood still there.  Under the same sky.  I would not be surprised if at a stroke of some supernatural force, I’m back to those times.  Life was so good then.  I now realize it was the time I lived a carefree life – free from anything stressful, painful, heartbreaking, sinful?  The thoughts move further…

But the school bell rang, prompting the start of the next period.  I would have wanted to linger there and reminise more but I closed my mind and went back to earth.

I am inserting a clip of The Company’s “A Special Memory” – coincidentally, while I was writing, this song played on the imeem playlist I was listening to.  I dedicate this to all of my classmates, my crushes, my teachers and all those who made those times special.


Comments on: "The Mini Park" (8)

  1. I remember Mitchoy’s shades hahaha…Yen kinsa imong partner diay sa prom who passed away? grabe 18yrs kadugay na.makaluya.agay sakit akong likod.

  2. yenskay said:

    psst, si ismael ba. he worked sa meralco daw unya na kuryentehan siya. c ralph ang nagchicka kay nibayad iya family member sa smart. last year daw siya ni pass away.
    grabe noh?

  3. RIP Ishmael. Kadumdum pa gyud ko sa iya Yen. Kadumdum sab ko sa sa shades ni Mitchoy kay naa man to sa picture. Maayo man sab diay ka ug memory Yen no? Di gid sab ko kalimot kadtong nanghigda ta sa Mini Park. 91k ra gyud makabuhat adto.

    BTW, I was just thinking that we could do a repeat performance of our Conga and Amadeus dance number for our 25th anniversary presentation sa alumni. Wala lang…

    • yenskay said:

      Amadeus diay to! i could not remember the second song last night, hahaha.
      my gesh, makasayaw pa ta anang panahuna???? in ko anang repeat performance sa silver jubilee nato!
      hmmm, murag nakadumdum ko anang mini park kay naa koy kilig moments ana nga panahona, gash.

  4. yenskay said:

    jen, kadumdum ka unsay among gihimo adtong cheer dancer mi? kay leader ba ya mo adto. refresh my memory. : )

  5. HI.

    and da who si ismael (SLN) ? michelle ysmael? babae imo partner? hehehehe. hala kinsa si ismael. hindi naman ito si ismael bernal ano?

    i remember cheerdancer ka sa 2nd year. kamo nila rowena canete, manay zandee. tama?

    One One
    Thats the number that fits the sophomore team
    and were number One in everything
    yes yes yo
    yes yes yo
    were gonna sing and cheer and beat yo!

    iconic kaayo tong shades ni mitchoy.
    i think i remember most of the proms we all joined in.
    and who was that na gisiraduan og door ni ma’am romano nga ato classmate – she said: and the door has been closed. gitubang sab siya. was it george and company? this was during the acquaintance party that we wanted to boycott mao daghan nag jeans lang.

    hay mini park. kabibo.

    • jattybel, where were you in our junior year? c Is Ma El Mlgr ba, akong partner sa JS prom? wa ka kaila???
      yup c girge to, **winks**

      • hay naku tigulang nako kasi i remember bitaw the name but not the face. hay grabe.

        maybe u should show me some pics in the future para ma recall nako siya. hahaha

        ako, tua ko sa table with mitchoy ba yon. i forgot na. basta 4 mi sa table adto e. hahahaha

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