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Accurate Pressure

Suffering in silence, my husband probably went deaf on my complaints about the falling hair and my constant back aches (where he ends up involuntarily massaging me), that earlier this week, he excitedly brought goodies for me that’s supposed to be good for my hair problem and my recurring backache.

To enhance the effectiveness of my hair medication, he bought a magnetic hairbrush for me from a reflexology salesman.  This is actually an ordinary brush with flexible stainless steel pins to comb the strands of my hair.  The brush also has health magnets attached to it.  This product incorporated acupressure therapy and magnet therapy.   By the pressure applied, the steel pins are supposed to loosen the head nerves (not loosen the hair!) and induce the growth of hair.  It is also said that this will strengthen the hold of the hair to the scalp. I have been using it for a few days and I’m enjoying the calming and soothing feeling I get from brushing my hair several times at night with this brush.  Hubby also uses it and claims it makes his curly hair more manageable.

The other thing hubby bought was a single magnetic jogging pad which is still a combination of acupressure therapy and magnet therapy.  This is a pad filled with uneven pins and some magnets to stimulate the nerve points, organs and glands of the body.  It is supposed to increase blood circulation, recover energy, relieve pain, accelerate healing, remove stress, and so on and can be used on any part of the body you want pressed.   Because I get backache from time to time, I rested with the pad on my back for several minutes at night this week.  The pressure of the pins felt so good (though it cannot beat the massage I force hubby to give me) and it even induced me to sleep.  As much as I want to fight sleep so that I can finish an episode of a drama I’m watching, I failed to overcome it.  Again, hubby tried to use the pad.  He usually wakes up early but when he tried using the pad before sleeping, he was happy for a long, uninterrupted good night’s sleep.

This is sweet pressure I’d welcome anytime.  Thanks to a caring (and massage-evading?) hubby!



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