..ang blog ni Yeyen.

It’s been six years since Papang died and today’s the fifth year I have not celebrated Father’s Day.  Still the same, I’m remembering him on this special day for fathers.  Despite his physical absence, I have always felt that he’s just here with us.  As in, there had been several times I forgot he’s gone and I hear myself  say “I’ll ask Papang about this later” only to suddenly realize I cannot ask him some important, some trivial things anymore.

I’m on emo-mode tonight and I’m listening to this beautiful song of Celine Dion.

I dedicate this to him.  To Papang, Happy Father’s Day!


Comments on: "Fatherless on Father’s Day" (2)

  1. Sus Yen! Parehas gyud ta. Ako sab usahay makalimot na wala na diay si Papa. Kung mag-chat mi ni Mama, usahay maka-ask ko kung nag-unsa si Papa. Same sab si Mama. When she went to Manila recently, naa siya nakita sa mall and told herself na iya paliton for Papa.

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