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3 Feasts

I attended three parties in a row this week.

Last Thursday was my beloved niece’s 12th birthday.  Yikes, twelve!  Meaning it has been twelve years since I danced her to sleep to the tune of “Let’s Dance”.  She was such a cry baby, she screamed her lungs out for hours and hours that my mother would send me to my cousin’s house and take over the dancing so that my cousin could rest.

The party was just starting when I arrived and her classmates were lining up the buffet table.  I could not spot her amidst the crowd of children.  After I’ve searched through the kids, she was not there at all.  I found her seated in the entertainment room with some of her classmates intently watching “Boys Over Flowers”.  I gave her my birthday kiss and her present then she introduced me to her classmates and announced I was also a fan of “Boys Over Flowers” (ahak ning bata-a ni!) and added that I even went as far as Seoul, Korea for my dramas (atay gid ning bata-a ni!).  Hey, Ter, that’s my secret life!  The girls were surprised to know I am one of them – Hihihi, I’m like more than twenty years older than them; funny, our age gap is the age of our Go Jun Pyo : )

One by one, the girls filled up the entertainment room and swooned over Go Jun Pyo.  I curiously observed them.  I know my niece is not so hot over koreanobelas but I guess peer pressure made her sit there and pretend she loves Go Jun Pyo too. They were a bunch of twelve year old girls.  I wondered what they were up too when they were all by themselves.  What have they been doing in school, in their free time?  What were they thinking?  They look so young and innocent.  Did I also look that young then?  I cast a look at my niece and started getting worried.  When I was twelve, oh gesh.  I don’t want my niece doing what I did when I was twelve.  It went beyond admiring Ralph Macchio and Menudo on Betamax (hahaha, jasper and jenny, **winks**).  We did not have cellphones, internet, cable tv; not even land line – but there were some monkey business going there.  Don’t let your imaginations run wild – they were naughty but harmless.

Last Friday, we had the Testimonial Dinner for our lone FSUU College of Law Bar Exam passer.  It was an affair graced by the officials of the school, the law faculty, and the fourth year law students.  Our new Urian lawyer, who is now working in the Committee on Appointments in Congress, purposely came home just to attend it – he did not have a choice because he’s the only one, hahaha.  I expected a very long testimonial speech because he had the floor all to himself.  It was actually brief and direct.  To his teachers, he extended his utmost thanks for making him what he is now. He made special mention of yours truly (why only me?  he still hates me?).  When I heard my name mentioned, I held my breath — because I know I have been strict and I’m not chummy with my students.  I thought he was going to recount the times I terrorized him, but he did not.  He actually acknowledged my diligent efforts and claimed that he realized it was all for his own good.  Why, did he think it was for nothing??? To the fourth year students, he stressed the virtue of humility in studying law.  I agree with him on this.  Those who enroll in law have graduated from a four year course and they think they know everything already.  They end up with crushed prides and battered egos when they are tortured and belittled during class recitations.  I liked it when he said that while they may already be professionals, in the classroom, the instructor is the king and to bow to their rules is the only way.  Well said, panyero – this semester, I am Queen in Property Kingdom.  ^ ____ ^

Today is the Feast of Our Mother of Perpetual Help, the patroness of Holy Redeemer Church.  My mom is still in Manila but she left strict orders to me and my brother to celebrate the feast as thanksgiving for the graces we are continuously receiving from God.  So, it was another happy family gathering in Balbarino during lunch – up till dinner (it took a while to finish up the lechons). There is indeed so much to be thankful for –  especially that the second opinion of my mom’s alleged bone metastasis was reversed into a mere bone disease consistent with age (but aggravated by her anti-cancer medication).  The doctors in Manila did not proceed with the radiation for my mom because the tests are not conclusive of metastasis.  I will be picking her up in Manila when I arrive from Singapore next week.  God is Good!


Comments on: "3 Feasts" (5)

  1. Hoy! Manambok na ka sige kaon!

    Praise God for your mom’s positive test results!

    Enjoy your trip to Singapore. Blog and pics dayon.

    • yenskay said:

      hahaha, korek gid grabe nga kaon : )
      gesh, ang singapore trip is nanganganib. : p

  2. JC Guapo said:


    So shall I see you and Manay on July 2nd? I mentioned this to Maev as well who is already in town.

    Anyways, see you,okay?

    God bless.

  3. Nganong nanganganib man Yen?

    • about adtong kang zandee gid…i thought di ko tugtan ni H to go alone.
      m so happy, he automatically told me i have to go, kahit alone kay i have committed already and mauwaw pod daw ko ni edsel og lyna…as if di ko moadto ug ako ra, hahaha…
      so tuloy ang ligaya!

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