..ang blog ni Yeyen.

Questions for Me

I was browsing through this blog this afternoon thinking of a new entry to write.

Nothing comes to mind that guess what, I created another page for “Questions”.  I just recalled my friends’ suggestion that I make this blog ala “A Law Each Day” but since it would be too tedious to look for what laws to write, why don’t I just make a new page for (legal) questions instead?

So yeah, if you have any (legal) concern which you want this blogger to answer, click the “Questions” page and ask away.

I hope I do have the time to answer them though, hehehe.


Comments on: "Questions for Me" (3)

  1. best idea so far!

  2. JC Guapo said:

    Hi Yensski!

    Yay. Coolness.

    This is great. You won’t only be promoting laws in the Philippines and helping those in need of legal advice, but also be able to show your great capacity as a lawyer.

    I see many clients coming in. : ) Hopefully not just pro bono ones.

    All the best, ma’am! : )

    JC Guapo

    • yenskay said:

      jc, ahay clients ka dyan, for general info lang ni noh : )
      ug giunhan gid nimo…
      thanks markv and jas!

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