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I’ve been ‘facebooking’ for quite a while now but there are trivial things in Facebook that I’m totally ignorant of, like:

  1. What’s the exact definition of “friend” in Facebook? I consider “friends” the members of my family, relatives, classmates, schoolmates, officemates, students, collegues in the profession, even ex-boyfriends and all those whom I have shared a piece of myself with, kumbaga, may pinagsamahan (we have history together, lol).  However, I think the “friend” in facebook includes even those whom I just recognize by face or by name.  I’m quite hesitant on adding “friends” that do not fall in any of my categories above.
  2. If I click “ignore” on a friend request, would that “friend” know I ignored him/her? I’m so afraid to “ignore” a friend request because the other party might be informed of such fact and will find me rude for turning down the invitation.  If I am not familiar with the name and the face in the profile picture or if I just “know” or recognize them but we have not even spoken a single “Hi” to each other in my entire lifetime, I usually turn a blind eye on the invitation.  The “friend invitations” on my page is increasing and I’m already itching to click “ignore”.
  3. Is invisibility possible in Facebook? No, I’m not planning to go “invisible” anytime soon because I really welcome the online chats I have with my friends from time to time.  I’m just curious if this is an option in Facebook, like the feature in Yahoo Messenger?
  4. How do you share videos that are not from Youtube? I already asked my cousin about this.  He told me to copy the embed code of the video I wanted to share then  go to “My Links” in Facebook.  On the “My Links” page, he told me to just past the code in the space provided for “Post a Link”.  I tried doing this, but it was not only the video that was shared but the entire webpage where the video was uploaded, e.g., overstream.  I guess it’s not possible?  All the videos shared in Facebook come from youtube, I’ve noticed.
  5. Will my friends know I’ve checked out their profiles and all? Hey, in Friendster, you have to check the option for “view profiles anonymously”  if you don’t want to be caught checking somebody’s profile.  I’m wondering if there is such a feature in Facebook?  In Friendster, I learned of the feature the hard and embarrassing way.  I searched for an ex-flame and viewed his profile.  A few days after, when I browsed on who has viewed me, his name turned up.  I added 1 + 1 and figured that he saw my name register in the “who has viewed me” list and checked my profile in return.  Whew, the thought of that still burns my cheeks.

So yeah, perhaps anybody out there would care to answer these preposterous queries?


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  1. JC Guapo said:

    yeah, there are people i actually do not know. sometimes i leave the request but either i ignore or add. so im really in a bind. its like in friendster, i hate adding those i really do not know.

    i may add but i purge my list from time to time. hahaha

    • mahadlok man ko magpurge oy, usahay ako na lang i accept,hahaha…
      og wa kay ikatubag sa uban nakong pangutana????
      ^ ____^

  2. Yen, I am on Facebook around 12 hours a day so I would like to believe that I am a Facebook “guru” LOL. To answer your questions,

    1. It really depends on whom you want to add to your list. My general rule of thumb is don’t add anybody whom you do not know personally. However, i do have a separate list for my gamer “friends”. These are the people whom I only add to prosper in some FB games. So, most of them are strangers. Having a separate friend list for each type of friend is a big help. You can also use your lists for future purging. Just put all of your not-so-close friends on one list.

    2. An ignored friend will not be alerted if you ignore a friend request. However, kung bright like a 91ker ang imong gi-ignore, he/she will figure it out if you won’t appear on his/her friend list anytime soon. Be careful also about deleting some friends because there are paranoid members who keep watch on their friend count and go ballistic if it suddenly drops by 1. Seriously.

    3. Yes, it is possible to be invisible on FB chat. You can even have the same option for your news feed. Again, the friend list is a big help. You can choose the group of people whom you want to be notified when you are online. To do this, go to your chat panel and choose from the friend lists drop down menu. A check mark will appear on the group that you have chosen. Then, you can screen this further by switching on or off the little green button beside the friend list name on the main chat panel.

    4. You can either upload your own video or provide a link to another website. Your cousin was correct about the procedure but you need to copy and paste the direct URL of the video and NOT THE EMBED CODE. If you do upload your own video, make sure walay copyright infringement because FB is very, very strict about it. Both Jasper and I experienced having our own uploaded videos deleted because of copyright infringement. Bisan background music lang or bisan naay note nga “not intended for copyright infringement.”

    5. Unlike Friendster, FB does not have this feature. But there is an application which tries to determine your FB “stalker”. Ambot lang kung accurate. Your “stalkers” are supposedly the people who often like or comment on your links, photos, wall, etc, etc.

    I hope this answers your questions. Basin naa pa ka lain question, just ask away. Hehehe… HTH.

    • yenskay said:

      jen, grabe, expert gid ka…i will try it out…and let you know og was ko ka gets…bulok ra ba ko’g instructions, pati imong #4 sa answer, wa pa na process sa akong brain – i need to take time and process it…
      seriously, pwede diay ma invisible???? and i want to rid my page of the news feeds concerning “some” friends ^ ___ ^

      • Yen, ang #4 instead of the embed code which starts with choo choo, you use the URL of the video which starts with http:// or www. Mao na ang imo i-copy and paste sa link box on “Post a Link” on FB.

        As for the news feeds, you can choose which friends or apps to see on the feeds. If you point your cursor on the upper right corner of each feed, a drop down menu will appear which says “Hide”. You can choose from there if you wanna hide the person or the app.

  3. Ack! Wala na sab. Can you delete my second post? it should read “which starts with embed choo choo”.

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