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Ungrateful Oaf

I’m still seething over those opportunistic politicians brazenly using Cory Aquino’s funeral to gain popularity and election votes next year.

Then, I heard about Willie Revillame’s disgusting, rude, disrespectful behavior when he got annoyed why a live feed of Cory’s funeral was being played simultaneously while Wowowee was airing.   I’m seeing R E D! Ungrateful oaf, did he seriously think the public was more interested in his useless show over Cory Aquino’s ongoing funeral?

Someone knock some sense into this conceited, air-headed nitwit!!!

I heard he subsequently apologized for his unforgivable conduct but I don’t want to hear about it.  I’m sure he made some absurd excuse/s to skirt out of the issue.  I hope the Aquino family and the public will not be deceived.

And I honestly hope the watching public (especially TFC viewers)  will stop patronizing his show.


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  1. I am no Willie Revillame fan, but in fairness to him, he had a valid point. Having said that, I think it was totally off for him to bitch on air. If he already complained to the production people earlier in the show, he should have continued complaining OFF AIR. This whole fiasco could have been avoided if ABS-CBN just preempted the whole show that day. I guess it’s just all about the money for these folks. So sad.

    • i agree jen…he should have said it OFF AIR…and he should have chosen his words carefully because the way he said came out bad — especially that the public is still emotional over beloved Tita Cory’s death…

  2. Kung ang isang unggoy ay magkakaroon ng yate, ito ay mananatili pa ring isang unggoy.

  3. I watched the youtube clip a few days back. I think Willie had a point – that since he was mourning over Cory’s death, it would be difficult to do his job while the funeral videos are inserted. Since the game show is about having fun and frolic, he thought its not right to juxtapose it against a solemn sad affair.

    I think it would have been better though if he chose his words well, or that he did not do it in public, on national television. that was the one which made it off.

    If I were to put myself on the shoes of the News Dept, I think their point is to show this historical milestone in Phil politics to a wider audience, and to constantly have a coverage of it out of respect for Cory.

    So what would I have done if I were ABSCBN?

    I’ll either pre-empt wowowee OR show the funeral videos during wowowee’s commercial breaks.

  4. Ay I have similar thought as Jenny’s pala. Hahahaha. I only read Mix’s comment right after I wrote down mine, so there was no copying here. : )

  5. Jas! No copying! Hahaha! Joke.

    Willie already apologized to the Aquino family so this is closed book na. He also said that he did talk to the prod people off-air but they still continued to show the images that’s why he spoke on air. Si Linggit Tan ang may kasalanan ng lahat. It was poor decision making on her part. Nobody expected the transfer to take 5 hours mao siguro naglisod sila ug decide to preempt the show or not. Still, I think Willie should have kept his mouth shut.

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