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Lavish Dinners For Free

I always ask my husband any inputs on the current events of the country every time he arrives from his periodic trips to Manila.

He arrived from his latest trip yesterday and I asked him what his friends thought of the lavish dinners the President had while she was in the USA.

He told me the Secretary of Justice had the privilege of joining GMA when she met Pres. Barrack Obama there and was also present in the controversial dinners.  During a lunch break in their two – day meeting, the Secretary of Justice related it to them.

The Honorable Secretary said the dinners were indeed paid for by those persons mentioned in the reports.  They were just invited and they did not even know they were supposed to be eating at fancy and expensive restaurants. She said when they arrived at the restaurants, the food was already ready and was immediately served.  After eating, the President and the rest of them did not bother to ask the costs of the dinners because they were not the ones paying for the tabs.  In fact, the Secretary said she did not even find the food served there delicious – according to her, she only ate the salad.

Thinking of it, it’s likely that the dinners were not paid using the funds of our country.

I remember when my mother and I were in the US for almost three weeks and everybody was just happy to invite us for lunch and dinners.  They even paid for our Disneyland tickets, Universal Studios tickets, Phantom of the Opera tickets in New York and our tour tickets to Ellis Island.  We were really embarrassed with the shower of Filipino hospitality because we ended up not spending much on our short trip there.  No matter how much we politely reason that we’ll pay it ourselves, they won’t hear it if we refuse their generous acts.  They always claim it’s not everyday that we were there to visit them and it’s only proper that we let them treat us.

If such display of generosity could happen to us ordinary citizens, what more the wealthy and influential people to the President of the Philippines?  That’s just how Filipino hospitality works – even beyond Philippine soil.

On another note, I was driving my three aunts a few days ago while those dinners were all over the TV Stations.  I thought the three of them would take the obvious side and criticize the President.  Surprisingly, they did not.  They were in unison saying that GMA is the President of the Philippines.  She represents the Filipino people.  It is but proper that she eat at exclusive and decent restaurants. For the sake of appearances, the President should dine at presentable establishments.  According to them, it would be  shameful if the whole world finds our President eating at a “pipichugin” joint.  They closed the discussion with “do they want the President to eat at McDonalds?”

That got me thinking.  And partially agreeing too.


Comments on: "Lavish Dinners For Free" (11)

  1. Di ba they also showed footages of GMA eating at Jollibee and Obama eating at McDonald’s?

  2. Anonymous said:

    yes, diplomats usually got lavish dinners from the host country but i guess it’s not for free. it’s quid pro quo. that’s how the political world runs.
    the US might manipulate the game again…milking the sapped and sagging (or saging?) country which is the philippines.

  3. Anonymous said:

    sorry for the rough words, i’m just trying my aging humour:) talk asia of cnn is featuring the philippines’ slums this wednesday. china, india and other countries were featured on this show too. they have featured india’s bollywood, china’s famous international chef, et al. now it’s philippines and it’s regarding slums.
    that’s right. “ouch”.

  4. I think what made it worse is the fact that these controversial dinners happened when the whole nation was grieving the death of Pres. Aquino. Insensitive ra sab kaayo. If she was merely invited to these dinners, imposible nga wala siya kabalo daan kung asa ang dinner kay advance parties are always sent to the venue to check the place and test the food for security. She is the President, she can turn down any invitation if she wants to. Basin naa sab kapalit ang free dinner. Mao na dayon…

  5. Anonymous said:


  6. Anonymous said:

    my mistake on talk asia. it’s brillante mendoza they featured. the cannes best director 2009 for the film kinatay.
    pardon my harsh judgement;)

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