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Naked for a Cause

geneva cruz for PETA

A naked Geneva Cruz greeted me when I opened the paper this morning.  She was posing for a cause to support the rights of animals.  The shot was for the print ads of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

The actress was bare with only some painted markings on her body screaming her body parts to emphasize that we humans are the same and are in equal footing with animals.  Her placard says “All Animals Have The Same Parts.  Go Vegetarian.”

The placard aroused my usually apathetic self.

I have nothing against the fight for the ethical treatment of animals.  It is indeed fitting that we respect them.  I believe everything that has life deserves whatever degree of respect.  Like the trees that I respect.  And the rest of the environment.

I also have nothing but admiration for the vegetarians who regard animals as their kind and vows not to murder their own class again.

However, I am really sorry but I do not believe that the only way to show our respect to animals is to stop savoring them.

When did animals start having rights not to be eaten by humans?  Even animals themselves eat animals too.  It’s a dog eat dog reality.  Since they are animals, it is their fate to be food to humans in the same manner that some animals are also food to other animals.  That’s just the natural course of ecology.  Treating animals without cruelty is one thing but treating them equally like humans is another.  We humans are superior, way, way above the animals that we eat.  Were not humans assigned by God to govern over all other creations?  And didn’t God allow us to consume them?

Yes, I have lessened my intake of animals – preferring fruits and vegetables over seafood and chicken and shunning red meat at all costs (except during parties when I eat them like some blood crazed vampire).  But hey, I do this for health reasons.

Not because animals have the same rights as me (maldita!).


Comments on: "Naked for a Cause" (4)

  1. Bitaw Yen. I am a certified carnivore and i think it’s ok to kill animals for food. But when they are used for fashion, that’s when it becomes unacceptable. Maayo na lang wala koy fur coat or any genuine leather stuff. Kanang mga mahilig sa designer leather bags dinha. Mag-isip2x na…

    • mao gid. go vegetarian tapos ilang mga bag og mga sapatos gikan sa animals : ) m sure c geneva naay designer bag, hahaha!
      and of course, carnivore gid ko!!!

    • jen, she should have posed naked and covered by the genuine furs, the bags, the shoes…

      the ad company did not present the message properly – unless they’re really after the animals’ right to life (and not only their ethical treatment)…

  2. chicken-or-egg said:

    “LET’S BAN THE EGGS, MILK AND MILK PRODUCTS SINCE THEY ARE ALSO FROM ANIMALS”. geneva better write this line on her behind the next pose. we’ll see who’s iq will plunge nose-dive from their protein-deprived diet.
    bah,i guess it’s surfacing already: why the nudity to spread vegetarianism?
    well, it’s all business as usual, mga animal!

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