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Holiday, Celebrate!?

Last night, it was announced that this Monday, September 7, will be another non-special working holiday.  GMA declared it a Day of National Morning for Ka Erdy, leader of Iglesia Ni Kristo.

As if we haven’t had enough of unexpected holidays in August, the news last night further announced that September 21 will again (do you feel my frown?) be a non working holiday.

All these holidays on top of the AH1N1 holidays I enjoyed where the college level did not have 10 days of classes due to two students having caught the virus.  Hay.

Normally, I savor holidays.  Who doesn’t?  But last night did not bring a glee from me.  I have so many deadlines to meet, so many pleadings to serve and mail, so many other work related stuff.  What is more, the final examinations is scheduled on the second week of October and I will have to carry a speed of lightning to finish the course outline.  The University Days scheduled later this month further shorten the hours I have.  Last I heard, the school has not extended the number of school days but even if it did, I have to finish and give my final exam based on the original calendar because I will be out of town and probably out of the country for more than two weeks starting 3rd week of October.  As it pours when it rains, the pleadings I have to respond are flooding in too.  My table in the office is piled up with paper works and growing by the day.

With this, I am left with no choice but to work at home during these holidays (I will keep my regular weekends free, so just the holiday, hehehe).  It has been our stand not to bring work at home, but I guess this is an exception to the rule.  Aww, I’d rather spend my holidays lazing around the house.  I’m lagging in my dramas and my drama blog.

The advent of these unexpected holidays caused me to search the regular holidays next year.  It turned out GMA already issued sometime in July 2009 Proclamation no. 1841 and made known in advance that the following days will be no work for us being regular holidays:

New Year’s Day (January 1)

Maundy Thursday (April 1)

Good Friday (April 2)

Araw ng Kagitingan (April 9)

Labor Day (May 1)

Independence Day (June 14, Monday nearest June 12)

National Heroes Day (August 30, last Monday of August)

Bonifacio Day (November 29, Monday nearest November 30)

Christmas Day (December 25, Saturday)

Rizal Day (December 27, Monday nearest December 30).

The special non-working days are:

Ninoy Aquino Day (August 23, Monday nearest Aug August 23)

All Saints Day (Nov. 1, Monday)

December 24

December 31.

For those wondering why we always get long weekends because the holidays are always moved to the day nearest the weekend, this is because of Republic Act 9492, which states that holidays, except those that are religious in nature, are moved to the nearest Monday unless otherwise modified by law, order or proclamation.

Add to the list Cory Aquino’s Day (August 1 or 5?) and Eid’l Fitr and Eid’l Adha, whose dates are determined based on the lunar calendar.  On the other hand, the 1986 People Power Revolution anniversary (February 22, Monday nearest February 25) is declared as a special holiday for all schools.

Happy planning!


Comments on: "Holiday, Celebrate!?" (3)

  1. got camera and money, will travel on a holiday!

  2. speaking of camera, what’s the camera you used in your recent trip? pila ka MP? nice man gid ang pix nimo there plus your artistic ability pa gid to take shots in the right angles…i won’t be surprised if you’ll soon join the photography craze anytime. makapalit na gid ka’g SLR…

  3. I don’t know If I said it already but …Hey good stuff…keep up the good work! 🙂 I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks,)

    A definite great read..Tony Brown

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