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Noynoy For President


I was surprised when I passed by J.C. Aquino Avenue corner Doongan Road tonight. There was already a giant signage of “Noynoy For President Headquarters” immediately after the Petron Station. Hmm, my friend Mix’s ancestral home is adjacent to it, btw.

So, yeah, his followers are formally organized here — and I’m guessing that’s the Liberal Party on the move (who else?). In fact, the Liberal Party in the city has long been supporting Tita Cory when she was still very sick. Truth to tell, it was the Liberal Party who organized masses for Tita Cory’s healing then.  Now that he’s certainly running for the highest office next year, the Liberal Party has started the fight in this side of town.

I recall that when Noynoy announced on national TV that he was running for presidency, everybody I met in school, in court, even our clients in the office, were so happy he made the decision.  Include to the list the yayas of my nephews and nieces who were so glad too.  Manang Inday, the janitor of the school, happily relayed the news to me when we met in the hallway later that evening (as if I did not know).

Will I vote for him?  Well, if he would have run for the Vice Presidency, I would not hesitate to say I would.  For President?  I’m open to be convinced.  This early, I know that I will not be voting for Jajajajamby, Erap, Teodoro, Escudero (is he running?).  I’m having a hard time whether to give my precious vote to Villar or Noynoy.

I have nothing else to say because the news and the internet have said it all.  This post is just to satisfy my brother’s prodding to put Noynoy in my blog.  He’s a supporter.


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  1. Wait! Wait! Wait! Adjacent??? Exactly WHERE is this sign located (relative to our red gate)? Because I have the impression that this sign might mislead people to think that the Doongan house is the HQ. (I’m pretty sure that it’s not.) Curious lang ko where ang HQ.

    • yes, ma’am, adjacent. there’s petron right? it’s between your house and petron. i think there used to be an eatery in that place.
      ask your mama : )

  2. Oh I see. i get it now. Yes naay eatery dinha sa una, Homemade ang name, owned by Engr. Sergio Pascual (owner of Petron). Basin modagan na sab siya. I meant to ask Mama about it pero wala pa mi naka-talk. Thanks for the info.

  3. hong butuan said:

    noynoy would not be a presidential candidate if cory passed away after jan 2010. thrown to presidencial candidacy by circumstances blended with the filipinos labile emotions would result in another catastrophic nation that we usually have. when are we going to learn from terrible errors our country had commit? villar? the rags-to-riches story won’t budge me either. the issues he was into, using personal power for his housing bussiness, is quite murky. he would surely do it all over again once become the executive. the way he befriended willy revillame is totally squirmishly un-classy.
    i’d vote for the lesser evil…

    • hi! i’m for the lesser evil too.

      nonoy’s promising but i want somebody who’s aggressive and fearless and knows how to lead (read: like gma who’s so brave and won’t be swayed despite so many suits hurled against her, hahahaha). noynoy’s personality kinda looks weak to me and he might end up like his mom who had to rely on her advisers.

      regarding personal interests, that’s a given in all politicians. even tita cory who approved the comprehensive agrarian reform law EXEMPTED hacienda luisita on its coverage (hello, the law mandates lands beyond the limit to be distributed to the landless, but hacienda luisita was untouchable!).

      i’m considering villar because he is a cpa by profession and the fact that he was able to multiply his wealth (murky or not) makes me think he might do the same for the country. i have high hopes that he will practice the principles of conservatism because this is inherent in every accountant.

      villar might also be the lesser evil too…

      i don’t know that’s why i’ll be having a hard time this election. : )

  4. Of course everyone knows how much I love and adore Tita Cory. super super super.

    Of course Viel is a beloved office mate. super super super.

    The Presidential Elections aren’t up till about seven months and anything can yet happen. I’m also down to the question, is it Villar or Noy? It’s Noy’s moral ascendancy as a politician that is noteworthy. However, judging from what he has done as a politician (both in Congress and in the Senate – 8 to 9 bills at the Senate so far?), I couldn’t help but compare that with what Villar has done (Investments Act, BSP restructuring,Magna Carta for SMEs, among others).

    I am hoping to see more oomph from Noy, a reason to believe in my heart that yes, he can be THAT leader to steer the country to economic freedom.

    Villar has had managed people successfully in all his political positions. He’s done much as a business leader as well. I don’t like his political ads though, the slant is too overstretched. Then there are issues about the C5 insertion.

    When I think about what kind of leader I wish this country can have after GMA, I think about one who has the smarts and the vision to make a dream happen.

    Both Noy and Manny may fit the bill. However for now, I am bent on my schoolmate from UP College of Business Administration.

    Let’s see how the coming days will change the political landscape.

  5. Yen, this might change your mind about Villar: http://blog.themousepotato.com/2009/09/28/manny-villar-propaganda-despite-ondoy-calamity/

    This is just so low. Ka-level na sila ni Jamby Madrigal.

  6. hong butuan said:

    gloria macapagal-arroyo was schooled in georgetown university and enormously able to consistently make it to the dean’s list. she graduated magna cum laude, ECONOMICS, at assumption college. got her doctorate degree in ECONOMICS from U.P.

    she became the president of the philippines. the country still suffered from bouts of FREAKONOMY.

    perhaps it’s not all about education and how elevated your iq is that sometimes you’ll end up pneumocephalic and starts scraping bucks from the innocent, hungry countrymen.

    sometimes, 1+1 won’t make 2 anymore. at times, the whole is more than the sum of its parts.

    on 2010, hope you all will have it this way: holistic approach.

  7. Yen, I like this post. a lot of people are commenting and saying their piece.

    Very commendable, indeed.

    It is beauty in itself when we see various opinions on politics or people. i take it that democracy is really at work when perspectives differ.

    friends and family do not need to be always on the same side of the fence (this has been a human consciousness defined over time), but they must need to appreciate this detail.

    in fact, the celebration of individuality and the respect over differing opinions only show our own maturity and level of fortitude. : )

    cheers everyone!

    may the best candidates win this election 2010!

    • TY jas.
      of course, this is a democratic country, so to each his own. : )
      i wonder how much reaction i’ll get if i blog about our local politics in the city? there’s no lesser evil, hahaha.

  8. king del rosario said:

    The problem with saying the fight is between good and evil is that those who claim to be good has to actively do good. The moment you concede a bit and become the lesser evil, the problem then is that you are still evil.

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