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Along Came Ondoy

ondoy's unexpected wrath along Ocampo Street (formerly Vito Cruz)

ondoy's unexpected wrath along Ocampo Street (formerly Vito Cruz)

Taft Avenue fronting Dela Salle University

Taft Avenue fronting Dela Salle University

My husband’s return flight yesterday was canceled because of Ondoy.  He was stranded in the airport for almost twelve hours.  When the flight was canceled at two in the afternoon, he could not catch a cab back to the condo, which is good.  If he did, he would have been trapped God knows where.  My sister who’s at PGH told him to stay put because the flood along Taft was already waist deep and cars were floating.  I instructed my hubby to spend the night in the airport and he made lip service and said yes.  However, he did not tell me that around midnight, he could no longer stand the airport with all the people and with nowhere to sleep, that he tried his best to get a ride from there to Ocampo Street.  I don’t know his exact route but he probably ended taking the LRT because he mentioned that it was apt that there were tricycles waiting at the exit of the LRT and he rode it to Ocampo.  The catch?  He sat at the top of the tricycle.  He did not get wet on the way to the short ride from Taft to Ocampo.  When I called early this morning to ask how he fared during the night, I was surprised to hear he slept soundly in the condo.  He knew better not to tell me of his plan to go back in the middle of the night, because if he had, I would have strongly opposed because it was dangerous.  On the other hand, it would have been helpful if he had told me he was already safe and dry there.  I did not get much sleep last night worried and thinking about him and how he was doing in the cramped airport terminal.

Thank God!

Yesterday morning, my sister took my niece and her two yayas with her to Malvar, Batangas after they dropped hubby at the airport.  My sister had to go because she had to attend a board meeting somewhere in Batangas so she left my niece and the yayas at her in-laws.  They had originally planned to spend the night there.  What luck, the minute they headed to the South, the waters arrived in Metro Manila.  The street where her condo stands was flooded waist deep.  Some cars parked at the side of Ocampo Street were already floating in the afternoon.  Their area is now flood-free and they are now back in the condo, safe and comfy.

Thank God!

The last instalment of the bar examinations were to be held today.  My uncle, who is an examinee, could not get to Manila yesterday because of his canceled flight.  He was so worried because if he could not take the exam, he is already considered failed.  Thank God, Dela Salle and the rest of Taft Avenue was inundated, prompting the Bar Exam Chairman to reset the last set next Sunday, October 4.

Thank you, God.


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