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Feast of the Holy Angels


I went to church today primarily because it is first Friday.  It was only in the Homily that I learned that today is also the Feast of the Holy Angels.

The celebrant reminded us to call on our guardian angels, especially in this current state that the world is in – typhoons, tsunamis, earthquakes.  I so agree.  The ravage brought by typhoon Ondoy got me paranoid.  Suddenly, I’m already afraid of the rain – because our city is below sea level and it’s always floods during heavy rains.  Luckily, we’re here in Southern Philippines and away from new typhoon Pepeng.  Nevertheless, I’ve constantly been praying lately for the safety of my loved ones there in Manila and the rest of the pinoys.

In the past, I used to maintain a close relationship with my guardian angel.  I named him “Max” — actually, he’s “Maxine” — but since angels are designated with male names in the bible, i shortened it to Max, hahaha.  I talked to Max ever so often before, especially when I’m alone.  I don’t know but through the years, I got so busy with work that I can barely listen to my own thoughts anymore, so we lost touch.

I’m so happy I heard mass today.  It made me remember Max.  I’m gonna activate him in my life again.  I know it’s needless to do this since I know he has always been there with me, whether I acknowledge him or not.

In the closing of today’s homily, the priest let us sing the song we learned when we were still young:


Angel of God, my guardian dear.

To whom His love commits me hear.

Ever this day, be at my side,

to light and guard, to rule and guide.


Howyadoin, Max? It’s been a long time.


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