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Noynoy (and Mar) in the city

Noynoy Aquino

Noynoy and Mar, FSUU Gym

Liberal Party’s Presidential and Vice Presidential bets visited Butuan City today for some “Pulong-pulong”.

I go to work in the same building where the event took place, so I especially went back to the office after my hearing this afternoon to satisfy my curiosity.

I thought I was already late because it was already four o’clock when I headed to the FSUU Gym.  I peeped at the venue and it was already crowded with people in yellow.  The temperature was so hot, I had to leave and get some air.  I later learned the people had been there since 3:00pm.

While waiting, I heard comments such as “is Korina coming?” and “Kris Aquino should have accompanied him”.  Hahaha, funny.  Yup, the crowd would have been bigger had Kris Aquino tagged along.

One by one, some personalities from the Liberal Party arrived such as Sen. Drilon, and Congressman Acosta (are they running for Senators?).  Local officials of the Liberal Party were there as well, and of course, would-be local candidates of the city.  Tick, tock, it was taking forever for Noy and Mar to appear.

I lingered more than an hour before they finally arrived.  I was in the FSUU overpass and both passed in front of me, so yeah, I got to shake hands with Noy.

In the gym,  I thought the “Pulong-pulong” would speed away, but the introduction was really taking my precious time and I had a class, so I left at around 5:30pm.

It would have been nice to hear what they had to say.  As I previously said, I need some convincing before I vote for Noy.


Comments on: "Noynoy (and Mar) in the city" (2)

  1. sana you had your pics taken like what mix did this morning at st peters seminary. : )


  2. naa ko pix but they were blurry and not worth posting kay napangit ko : (

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