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Only Death

The families of the victims of the Maguindanao Massacre cry for justice.  Justice under the rule of law?  This may sound revolting coming from me, but I don’t think so.  Not under the rule of law.  I’d go for street justice under the golden rule of “an eye for an eye; a tooth for a tooth.”

The prime suspects of the massive killings are powerful opponents.  The wheels of justice roll even slower for those accused who are high and mighty.  Will the case/s be tried in Maguindanao, since place of commission is jurisdictional (although venue may be transferred under exceptional cases)?.  If venue will not be elsewhere, I’m seriously having suspicions this early.  Remember that the judges and prosecutors usually get appointed if they have the strong recommendation of their politicians.  Proving the culprits guilty beyond reasonable doubt will not be easy too.  I know the perpetrators can produce false witnesses to cast reasonable doubt that they may not be guilty of the crime.  If indeed they are convicted, then what?  Only imprisonment for life since we do not have death penalty?  They continue living, as if nothing happened.  I bet their cells will have the comforts of their homes.  Is that even commensurate with the beastly crime they committed?  If indeed they will be imprisoned for life, shall the President pardon them again, when the rage of the public has died down?  Flash Erap’s Plunder and Jalosjos’ Rape.

A friend commented the suspects might as well be prosecuted before the Shari’a courts and pretty sure, they’re gonna get a death sentence.  I think he was referring to the fact that under the Koran, Muslims are allowed to kill under some circumstances.  I’m not so familiar with it but the Shari’a courts are only for the administration and enforcement of the Muslim personal laws, e.g. divorce, custody of children, etc. involving Muslims.  Thus, they can only be tried before our regular courts for committing (a) crime/s under the Revised Penal Code.

I believe in God and His commandment not to kill, so to some extent, I was in favor when the death penalty was abolished in the Philippines.  However, seeing those mutilated bodies, wouldn’t death be the only way to at least give justice for the victims’ wasteful and brutal deaths?  I’m now really hoping Congress would revive the death penalty – even only for very heinous bestial crimes.

The news keep on repeating the progress of the investigation of the massacre and the more I hear it, the more I see it, the more I long for revenge against the culprits.  Revenge, not justice.  I may not have anything to do with the victims, but I still feel wronged that this monstrous crime could exist in my country.  This crime they committed certainly affected the security I used to feel living here.  Those from Luzon have always been scared to hear of Mindanao and others even have this misconception that it’s so dangerous here.  I have never felt that danger before.  Until this happened.

Life for life.  Death to the perpetrators!

[under the law, the culprits will never be meted the penalty of death because at the time of commission, there is not death penalty.  meaning, i just want that somebody kill them along the way…] *violent, crazy mode*


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