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I was always whining to my husband about getting a laptop that out of the blue, last February, he came home bringing an HP 6530s for me.  I nearly slit my mouth from grinning from ear to ear.

Since then, I used the HP from time to time, but I rarely bring it with me.  I’m not always on the go and could live with just using a USB for my files between my desktop at home and at the office.

About a month ago, our office was renovated.  Since I could not use the PCs in the office, I brought the laptop with me frequently.  The office was a wreck so what I do is just do some work at home and report to office only an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon.

At first there were lines in the task bar of the HP.  Then, after I used it for very long hours – er, like 10 hours straight – the screen suddenly flickered on and off, I could not do any work.  I turned the HP off and the next day, it was still flickering.

I searched the internet and found out that recently, HP laptops have defective LCDs that for those still under warranty, the owners are free to turn it over so that the LCD could be replaced.  In fact, the reviews on the HP laptops were not good – their screens will become defective after the one year warranty period.  For my kind, there were entries in the blogs that the LCDs stop working even at six months.

There is an HP authorized repair shop here in the city, so I went there.  They said that if it were purchased here, they would be shouldering all the costs for its shipment to Manila so that the LCD may be replaced.  Since mine was bought in Manila, I will have to shoulder all the costs in relation to its shipment and delivery.  They said it would be better if I go back to where I purchased it.  They added, if it were beyond warranty period, it was no problem because I will be shouldering it all myself.  Huh?

When I got home, I turned on the HP again.  Surprisingly, the screen was ok, except for the occasional lines in the task bar.  This being, hubby and I decided to just leave it be.  I can just bring it with me to Manila when I go there on January, for its repair.

In the meantime, stay away and don’t even think of buying an HP laptop.


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  1. u know i used to have a hard time choosing which laptop to buy and HP was among the top brands for consideration- cool finish, great brand name (sosi), nice feel on the keyboard, comes with perks too depending on where you purchase it. its the reviews, after long nights of checking, that helped me make a decision to go for my msi. i’m not saying mine is better really, probably comes with same, if not very close specifications, but cguro, overall, swerte2x lang gihapon sa gadgets. errr.. just like cellphones. a lot of iphones breakdown just a few weeks from purchase while my ancient nokia 6630 has always, always been there for me. but it doesnt mean my trusty handset is better compared to that 40k something cellphone. when i bought my msi thought that i would be getting a pc with similar capabilities yet at a cheaper price hehe but the checking of reviews help a lot. no regrets so far. i don’t leave home without it.

    • huhuhu. i did not check any reviews when it was bought by H. When i heard it was HP, i was confident. : (
      that’s why i made this post, just in case somebody is looking for reviews… aish.

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