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When you’re in town

A few weeks ago, my friend asked me what Butuan has to offer during the holidays.  She will be spending Christmas in a nearby province one hour and a half away from Butuan.  I told her it’s always the (very) wet season here in December so there isn’t any thing better to do than spend time with family and friends (and be thankful there is no flood).

Then, somebody else asked me for suggestions what to do in the city for nightlife.  I’m really not in the position to suggest Butuan’s night life because I don’t have a nightlife, lol.  My part time job takes my nights that when I do get them free, I prefer to stay at home and watch my dramas rather than go out.

If I do wander around the city during the night, it’s usually to sit down and talk, and not to party.  You’ll probably see me in the following places, where I also take my balikbayan friends when they’re in town:

  1. True Brew. Age has sank in that I no longer enjoy loud and dark places.  If I do go out, I look forward to a long happy clatter with my friends, food being only secondary.  Meeting them at True Brew is always a treat for me.  I think True Brew pioneered its kind here that I’ve grown so attached to it.  True Brew has been featured in some magazines and you can’t be in Butuan without dropping there.  The food is delicious and the ambiance is homey.  It’s located at JC Aquino Avenue.  I think it’s open around lunch and closes by midnight.
  2. Margie’s. Margie’s boasts of the best cakes in town.  I even receive requests from friends to bring some of its famous “Cookie Monster” every time I visit them.  Its main store is located at M. Calo Street, Butuan City.  Less than two years ago, they opened Margie’s restaurant in J. C. Aquino Avenue.  The food is also tasteful but their cakes are excellent.  Margie’s is the place to hang out until very late at night [those who are at True Brew proceed to Margie’s after closing time since it’s a walking distance]. Almost everybody comes here that you’ll surely run into someone you know.
  3. Pan De Pugon. This is only a step away from Margie’s – it’s immediately beside it that you cannot distinguish where Margie’s ends and Pan De Pugon begins.  For those who would rather enjoy the night with cheap baked goodies  and instant beverages, this is it [Margie’s is rather expensive].  People usually flock here to hang out and rarely for food.  I only come to Pan De Pugon to buy wheat bread, lol.
  4. Woodstock Resto Bar. This is just a stone away from Margie’s and Pan De Pugon [just across the street].  I’ve only been here twice but if you’re on a drinking spree, go check out Woodstock Bar.  This has been recently renovated so I cannot elaborate more – I’m not so familiar if there are regular live bands playing nightly [sometimes there are].  Before it was renovated, there were also private karaoke rooms  aside from the main bar.  While you’re in Woodstock, you might also want to check out “Four of a Kind Boutique” which is in the same building.  This boutique usually sells imported goods but lately, they released their “Butuan Shirts”, so you can buy your souvenir shirts here.
  5. Uncle Sam’s. This is located near City Hall Compound and is also one of the few nightspots in town.  My balikbayan friend enjoyed coming here because of the live band which plays regularly on certain nights [i don’t know the exact days].  The food is also good but it takes forever for it to be served [based on my experience].  Anyway, never mind the food, the live music is better.

Apart from my personal choices above, you guys might want to crash at:

  1. Priscilla’s. This is relatively new and I have been there only once.  Priscilla’s has the same atmosphere with Trew Brew, but this one has ample parking area with security guard [parking is difficult in True Brew, btw].  It’s located at 10th Street, Guingona Subdivision.  I have only tasted a spicy tuna pasta dish and it was quite pleasant.  I’m sure this will shortly turn into a personal choice.
  2. Cafe Caliente. I will be eating lunch here this coming Saturday yet so I don’t have much to say.  I’ve heard good reviews about this restaurant though, mostly on how the food is delectable.  It’s located at South Montilla Boulevard [across Rainbow of Angels School].  {update:  I was in Cafe Caliente yesterday and yes, indeed the food was delicious – and a little cheaper than its counterparts.  Outside the cafe, there is also a bar where those who want some drinking can get their doze of light alcohol}.
  3. Calda Pizza. This is the newest home cooked pizza parlor in town.  I haven’t been here too [i don’t eat pizza], but my friends say the giant sized pizza is a must.  So, go!  It’s at Capitol drive corner Balagtas Street.
  4. Alicia’s Resto. This is located at Imadejas Subdivision and is equally a hang out for night people.  Alicia’s is secluded, with individual huts surrounding the artificial lake in the center.  I have never been here because the idea of an outdoor restaurant with simulated lake makes me think of the many mosquito bites I’ll be getting when I eat.  Rumor has it that those who do not want to be seen together hang out here [read:  forbidden, unlawful relationships, hehe].
  5. Moff’s Restobar. This bar is located at J.C. Aquino Avenue, a few meters from Gaisano Mall.  I have never been here too but I hear a younger crowd assemble here for drinks.
  6. Caraga Square. I haven’t been here either but I have a friend who frequents this place.  He says it’s fun.  It’s not expensive too.  The small square has several small “bars” [small stalls actually] for drinks and there is a local band playing while people dance to the beat in the center of the square.  The crowd is also younger, mostly made up of college students.   A lot of drinking goes around here so better stay away from drunkards because they might get rowdy and start a fight.  This is located at JC Aquino Avenue, a few buildings before Otis Superstore.
  7. GSubd. Bar. Oops, I forgot this bar.  You can play pool here.  There’s also a dancing area.  There’s even a Karaoke room.  The food did not make any impression on me, but this bar’s also not bad when you want some night activity.  When I came here with my balikbayan friend who wanted some dancing, we found the dance floor empty.  We made a quick dance and eventually stopped because it was not fun without any crowd.

Comments on: "When you’re in town" (10)

  1. bottom to top:

    i thought caraga square got burned down years ago.

    moffs- i’ve been there. same old moffs, nothing new, no expansion, no add ons?

    alicias- cguro, this used to be Hungry Fishermen’s bar. i used to fish here on weekends.

    calda pizza- u dont eat pizza?? ikaw ra ako nailhan yen who doesnt eat pizza. i looove pizza, and that means ma present gid ko diha pohon.

    caliente- give update on the place once you’ve tried their food.

    Priscilla’s- hmm… layo. so-ok adtoon. so it better be worth it. how are the prices there

    for the rest: same all, same all. really doesnt matter much. i’d be happy just to be home.

    kip n touch!

    p.s.- at first, i thought you were referring to me ’cause i happened to post a question of FB on what’s new in BXU weeks ago hehehe

  2. Caraga Square is still alive and kicking oy – ralphy cg adto didto.

    yes, alicia’s na ang Fishermen’s bar.

    healthy eating does not allow me to eat pizza anymore : (

    priscilla’s – the prices are comparable with true brew; ila Steve ni.

    hala, u asked man pod diay noh? i was referring to clavel who will spend xmas in Prosperidad, hahaha.

    c u soon!

  3. kinsa nga steve? lamigo? ooi ngayo tag discount. kitakita ta. mingaw nako sa inyo.wala ba xmas party? maski kadali lang gud

    • oo c steve nag manage : )
      walay formal nga xmas party but we’re thinking, impromptu ra nga magtipok tipok ta. jenny’s thinking of VJs.
      of course oy, magkita ta!

  4. time sa, na kaligtaan nako imo first response. si ralph sige adto caraga square? mag inom inom sya didto? murag dili man mo bagay kay ralphy didto

    • yup, c ralphist intawn, uban sa iyang mga students. pero, wala na ron kay he’s been transferred to Ozamiz na (iyang area dinha na dapita up to zamboanga!)

  5. thank u so much. this is very helpful. i made my list already since our time is limited. since i’ve been to true brew and woodstock, i’ve decided on the ff: priscilla, moffs bar, gsubd and margies/pan de pugon. i’m also considering caliente, just for it’s name sake :O..sounds cool.

  6. Yen! I should make a similar list pod siguro like this IF I have the time. Hehehe… I made one before but it needs to be updated.

    Ako man gyud ang certified laagan so let me just comment quickly on your recos. From your list, the only places that I have never tried are Cafe Caliente and Caraga Square. Based on my friends’ reviews, murag ok ang Cafe Caliente pero sayo lang magsara. Caraga Square and Moff’s are like hell on earth = sex, drugs, and alcohol! Plus you might die in those places kay naay bang bang pirmi. Hahaha! Margie’s and Pan de Pugon are the default go to place for the night owls. Halos tanan nga gikan sa night gimik, party or night mass mahagbong diri.

    Quick rundown:

    If you want drinking and dancing – Moff’s or Woodstock

    If you want quiet dinner/coffee – Margie’s, Priscilla’s, Cafe Caliente

    Cheap coffee – Pan de Pugon (24 hours)

    Dinner and drinks with live entertainment – Uncle Sam’s

    Videoke with private room – Blue Haven (Karaga Hotel)

    Madison, you’re preferred itinerary sounds good. Please do share about your experience in Butuan. If you’re up to it, you might want to check out the regional museum, the balangay shrine and the new balangay which is under construction now in Butuan. Just tell Yeyen. Madyaw pagkani Butuan!

    • hehehe, but ralphy likes caraga square so much…and even Ch3d goes there too, hahaha! (i heard about Moff’s but gave it the benefit of a doubt since i was never there to verify it – and ate and i know the owner).
      Karaga Hotel came to mind but my gawd, it smells awful (kanang murag daghan ok-ok) like it’s a hundred years old…
      btw, madison did not want the museums thingy, hahaha.

      yep jen, you should make a similar post because you know lots lots more. i rarely go out.

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