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What Christmas means to me

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Was it in grade school when the teacher wanted us to write about “what Christmas means to me”?  I don’t know about then, but this year, I reflected that aside from it being mainly a celebration of the birth of our savior, Christmas, for me, is rejoicing in the company of family and friends.

I may just be getting older because this year, I paid a conscious attention to everything.  In the gatherings, every friend and family member I spent time with, I kept a mental note and thanked God for the time.  Even the laughs and games I had with my nephews and nieces, I savored.  I took effort to talk to the elders in the family, mindful that they will not always be there in the future.  We even prepared for the family pictorials to capture the moment.

I have learned not to take things for granted this recent Christmas.  It may be because through the years, Christmas after Christmas, there were already family members and friends who were not there anymore.  Be it because they have migrated to another country, or that their circumstances do not warrant them to come home or the sad reality that they have left this world.

This past Christmas, I am most thankful to God for the priceless gift He gave me — the precious time spent with my family and friends.  Time is the ultimate gift we can give to our loved ones.  Time is likewise the best gift we can receive from them.  We might not give it much thought amidst all the hoopla of Christmas but I’m sure you would agree that without them, Christmas would not be the same.

I’m sure we all had a merry Christmas!


Comments on: "What Christmas means to me" (6)

  1. and i wrote . . . Christmas for me is a break. not just in a literal sense. time to give thanks for past blessings and sharing these to people we love.

    *okay. papers up. pencils down*

  2. hahaha! papers up and pencils down! elementary ta adto noh? ^_^

  3. In fifth grade, this was the theme of the christmas essay writing contest for both grade five and six. Mahalia won in our batch while Aurora won in grade six level.

    Up to this day, I still remember Lyna’s thought-provoking lines which won her the contest: Christmas is a holiday to all, a hollow day to many, and a holy day to some.

    I wonder till now why it is a hollow day to many. However, I think it was one brilliant line to go down history as a beautifully-written quotable quote. : )

    • yes, yes, i remember now…but wow, you memorized the line!
      I’m meeting her tomorrow and I’m gonna ask her about it being “hollow”…ahihihi

  4. Yes I remember vividly because it was just perfect and beautiful. I mean, who among the 11-year-olds now can measure up to such a well-written line, right? Mahalia is just brilliant, like the rest of the 91kers (i-apil pa guid atong mga sarili.hahahaha)!

    anyways, OMG, i am so going to dumaguete,too! feb 23!

  5. Really cool post, highly informative and professionally written..Good Job

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