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How could they unceremoniously cut this tree for no obvious reason?

I was so shocked when I arrived at my usual parking space last week.  The place is a little far from the immediate street where I hold office but I always hurry everyday to this area so that I can park underneath this tree and its massive leaves.  In fact, a lot of us race every morning to this spot because of this natural canopy.

This tree’s thick leaves shield my car from the scorching heat and every time I enter the vehicle at high noon, I don’t feel the heat inside because the leaves always provided enough shade to maintain a cool temperature indoor.

That’s why I was so mad to see my favorite tree down in sheds early morning of Monday.  It’s branches were scattered, the leaves flooded the street, it’s trunk was brutally cut.  I looked up to check if there were electric lines nearby that would have been the reason for its uprooting, but there were none.  The tree was not even standing along the street but inside the fenced property of the public elementary school – and it was not in the way there too.

That day, it took all of my self control not to approach the workers who were still there, cutting the tree, and demand the reason for the unjust cutting of the tree.  I just let the incident pass and reluctantly walked away and headed to the office.  Nevertheless, everyday I still park in that area and the only thing reminiscent of the tree is its lifeless trunk.

I wonder how long it will take for man to respect and take mother nature seriously – this city certainly needs all the trees it can get to help hold the water and avoid flooding this rainy season.


Comments on: "Ravaged" (3)

  1. i compleeetely agree with you. people need to be educated more about nature. last xmas pag-uli nako diha i was surprised when i found out that the trees that surround the plaza in cabadbaran, well most of it, were cut down for no reason. they were never a hindrance to anything, nor were those trees becoming a threat to the safety of it’s surroundings, as in, wala lang. i guess someone up there who calls the shots woke up in the wrong side of the bed and ordered to take em down. stupid. maka ulit. bolok gid ngewa maka ulit. grrrr…

  2. hey marcus, tha’t s what everybody have noticed on the new cabad plaza. i guess they cut all the trees to give way to the fountain? they said the plaza looked so bare now and i guess it’ll be worst during summer where there’ll be no shades for bystanders. ohh..when government governs!!!

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