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Virtual Card

I received by mail my BDO virtual credit card early this year.  I skimmed the cover letter.  It says it’s recommended to use this card for my internet transactions for more security.  I don’t shop via internet but I use my credit cards in the internet for plane ticket purchases and watching dramas online [for those really, really, good asian dramas, hahaha].

Anyway, in layman’s terms, it’s virtual because it may have a credit card number and a validation code but in truth, the same are non-existent, as the card is just a sub-account of my BDO Mastercard.  It’s supposed to be safer because the recipients cannot access my real account information .  Aside from this, the virtual card has a certain limit and thus, minimizing the risk of loss.  While it is solely for internet transactions, the virtual card is not allowed if one is still required to present the card later on — like what our airline companies do upon check in in case of e-tickets.  It is the nature of the virtual card that in does not physically exist, but I’m baffled why I have a physical card with my name and [virtual] account number on it.

I was in a buying frenzy for a couple of airline tickets in the last week of January for my mother, my aunt, my hubby, and hubby’s and mine’s ticket for the coming holy week.  I know I’m not supposed to use the virtual card for airline tickets because  PAL expressly prohibits using such cards in their website.  Unfortunately, I mistakenly used my virtual credit card to buy the airline tickets.

I found out later while I was printing hubby’s e-ticket for his travel and preparing to photocopy the card that the purchase was made via virtual credit card.  I frantically called the PAL hotline [via long distance because the office here has not heard of a virtual card!].  The customer service advised me to just secure a certification from BDO that the virtual account is a sub-account of my existing credit card account.

So I went to BDO and gave them my letter of request.  Gosh, they don’t even know what a virtual credit card is.  They asked me where I got my virtual credit card and I told them I received it through the mail.  The bank officer had to make several calls and since I was in a hurry, I told her I’d follow it up later that day.

It was almost bank closing hours when I called to inquire on the said certification.  I was told that they have already referred the matter to the credit card department and was advised to wait further.  Less than an hour later, I received a call from BDO and was informed that they will not issue such certification because the BDO Virtual Card has a physical card which may be presented upon check in.  BDO further said that I just show the welcome pack cover letter as it already mentions that my virtual credit card is only a sub-account of my credit card account.

When I got home that day, I rushed to the drawer where I keep my credit card bills, hoping to find such cover letter but it wasn’t there anymore.  For this reason, I called PAL hotline again and told them BDO won’t make the certification they wanted.  I did not mention about that welcome pack cover letter but I insisted telling them that BDO’s virtual card has a tangible card which may be shown when required to verify the purchase.  The customer service officer told me to hold the line [for a very long time] because she had to refer the matter.  When she finally came back, she made sure she heard me correctly that my virtual card had a physical card with my name on it and my virtual account number.  I said yes.  Then, she said it wasn’t a problem then – I just photocopy a copy of my card and my identification card and attach it to the e-ticket of my husband.

Our PAL office here is not that strict and they hardly check the copies of the credit card and valid ID for e-tickets so it was not a problem.  What I was apprehensive about was the return trip from Manila to BXU.  Fortunately, my hubby was able to check in without any question on that virtual card purchase.

Thus, I guess one can still purchase airline tickets thru the virtual card provided the virtual card has a physical card with the virtual card number and one’s name on the card.  What the airline companies are after is only to check whether or not that ticket was not fraudulently purchased that is why they need to see the card and the ID upon check in.


Comments on: "Virtual Card" (11)

  1. wow a virtual but not so virtual credit card. pampadagdag sa wallet na maswerte. o di ba, bongga! hehehehe

    alam mo, i never wanted to have a credit card until internet purchases were essential.

    like you, i went on a buying frenzy last january for airtickets.

    • go get urself a virtual credit card jas : )
      right ka, di na mapugngan ang internet purchases oy.
      where you goin re tickets? laag na sad ka noh? : )

  2. metrobank man ko. ill ask kung naa silay virtual card, yensky, para masaya. hahaha

    oh, i booked for cebu. and then bangkok in may naman for myself and for my ate. paano kasi si jason and my other ate were late na nag-oo nung wala ng papunta. haist.

    kapag may seat sale na mura, balak ko hk with UP friends. sana matuloy kami this year. and maybe ill try to visit eds in sg. for some reason, nawalan nako gana sa sg when the reason for my constant visits then has gone(?) or something to that effect. hahahaha

  3. hi tek mo da. wala koy ingon ana. pero may ra para dili nako ma tintal og gasto.

  4. yensky,

    naa koy new discovery. siempre sa imoha dili na ni new. SNSD group! tama ba? nice baya ilang songs na genie, gee pod.

    i like them ha.

    – – – –
    marcus, essential na man gyud siya now for internet purchases. i veered away from having one baya for sooo long until i had a difficult time buying online tickets etc etc.

    in the first world, one needs it for health insurance.
    and lastly, its really up to the owners how they manage the use of the plastic money.

    • hahaha, gee gee gee gee gee! : )
      abi na kog 4Minute na imong na discover diha jas : )

      pareha ta jas, dugay pod ko nibigay anang credit card until anang etickets.

      go na markv!

  5. 4MInute, yes! saw sa youtube ni adto sila sa ASAP. ok ba ila kanta?

    hay fan kaayo ko ni tae yang. big bang siya di ba?

    hiwalay naman diay ang wondergirls oi. ano ba yan, imbes sikat na sila.

  6. Hi. You’re right! PAL website expressly prohibits use of virtual cards for online booking. They require presentation of a physical CREDIT card upon check-in, bearing the same account number as the card you used to purchase tickets online. The bdo virtual card plastic that you got is just a reference device to remind you of your account number as you transact online. If it was simply written on small sheet of paper, you might so easily lose it. Most airlines that i checked also require presentation of physical credit card upon check-in although they don’t expressly prohibit use if virtual cards. So, it’s best to use your regular BDO credit card for online airline booking purposes. =)

  7. Virtual credit cards are so easy and safe i only shop online whit vcc and verfiyed my paypal whit it also 🙂

  8. saan makikita ang csc sa bdo virtual card

    • yenskay said:

      isn’t that printed below the virtual card credit card number? it expressly says “card validation number”.

      thanks for the reply, bryan.

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