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In the dark

The current rotational brownouts are here to stay.  Some say it’s supposed to condition our minds so that we won’t make a fuss if there are power interruptions on election day.  Me thinks this has nothing to do with the election in May because the POS have a 12 hour standby power.  Maybe it’s really true that the hydro-electric plants lack water, as NAPOCOR claims.  This, plus the fact that two of their plants are being repaired logically explains the low power generation.

The first few days of the brownouts, we just stood still.  I didn’t do anything because there was no electricity.  After a few more days, it dawned to me that the power outage was here to stay so we better adjust to the situation.

I’m charging the laptop everyday now so that if there is no electricity, I can still make my pleadings.  It’s rare that our office and my residence have no electricity at the same time.  It’s usually the opposite.  Thus, if there is no electricity in the office, I go home to continue my work.

It’s not a problem when the power is off during daytime.  It’s usually the 4pm – 9pm power outage schedule that leaves me in the dark, both figuratively and literally.  Hubby has classes everyday but I don’t so I’m alone in the dark for several hours.  This dire situation has compelled me to look for some things to do that do not need electricity.

Without the distractions electricity can bring, I found myself doing the following things during brownouts:

  1. Exercise.  Yes, as long as I can listen to the songs on my cellular phone, I run the treadmill, ride cardio rider, swing the abswing and do the tummy trimmer. In the dark.
  2. Pray.  I usually say my prayers and the rosary when I lie down to sleep at night and many times, sleep gets the better of me and leave some mysteries hanging.  After I exercise in the dark, I settle on the bed and pray the rosary [with feelings!].
  3. Stargazing.  Since summer is almost here, I go out to the balcony for some fresh air and in total darkness, I look up and admire the stars.  While stargazing, I listen to my thoughts too.
  4. Telebabad.  I grab the opportunity to call my sisters or my mother and talk about anything.
  5. Talk to H.  When H arrives and the lights are still out, we are left with nothing better to do than engage in foolish talk – after a candlelight dinner.  How cheesy is that, hehehe?
  6. Go to the mall.  When all else fails, the two of us go out to the mall to kill the time.



Comments on: "In the dark" (9)

  1. i love your six things to do in the dark during brownouts.
    shucks, i hope there are no power outages in metro manila.
    i still remember that way back in 1999, there were still rotational power cut-offs. and truly it was such a nightmare.

    i hope we all get to adjust.

    how was vday, dear?

    kung hei fat choy ha.

    • good luck ninyo diha. saw it on the news tonight that rotational brownouts might start tomw sa inyo : ) make your own list na jud ka diha : )

      valentines day, ay sus, had a quiet dinner at home lang, akoy naluto, gesh. wa may naka sponsor og mga singers diri sa valentimes oy, kaya stayed at home.

      happy lunar new year!

  2. OMG OMG talaga. really mag start na ugma here? sus ginoo ko. mag make nako og mga things to do to adjust oi. salamat ha. maminaw na ko dapat og news.

    thanks yen.

    • okay na daw mo diha oy, one hour ra ang na brownout gahapon sa inyo kay migana na daw tong power plant dinha and sufficient na daw ang supply for luzon until june.

      kaya lang daw, you have to prepare daw kay mo increase inyo cost sa electricity kay ang gamit daw crudo man nga mas mahal.

      amo diri, hydro ang source but el niño, walay ulan, kaya kulang ang supply. mindanao lack 100 kilowatts daily, kaya daily among brownouts.

  3. shucks. 100 kw kulang daily.

    na remember nako adtong nigubot sa 1991, iyong Gulf War, sabi ni ma’am sayaman na babalik na daw tayo sa makalumang panahon na walay electricity og walay transpo kay mahal kaayo gas.

    naku sana di naman mangyayari yon. nahadlok baya ko adto. hahahaha.

    sana umulan na. wag lang Ondoy.

  4. brownouts make us go back to basics. istorya istorya ginagmay sa balkonahe. sunod ana dula na ug buwan buwan. hahaha even the telebabad is sooo basic with FB and twitter around.

    hala enjoy the dark!

    • daghan pa…
      nag arrange na ko sa mga cabinet, nag check sa quizzes, basta lang naay mahimo, aruy.

  5. sarggy, or you can go back to kitkit cum eyeballing! cheesiest 😛

  6. katawanan man ng comment ni mam intawn.

    kung mag cge brownout mag cge pod ko og sick leave kay sigurado dili ko katulog og tarong ana sa gabii.alimo-ot kau na. bahalag mag brownout basta ayaw lang sa gabii anyway generator man sa ofc og sa malls.

    adto una pag mag brownout sa bxu mag ingkod ra mi sa iskina sa karsada while mag gitara akong uncle unya mag kanta-kanta.

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