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Re-enabling right click

Have you ever wondered why there are just some photos or even entries on the net that you wish to save but that when you right-click the photo or the entries to click “save” or “save as”, you don’t get any reaction, like your mouse failed to work, or your PC hang?

This happens when the uploader dis-enabled the right-click function of the mouse.  The owners of these blogs or these photos do this to minimize those who illegally copy their contents.  I’m really not concerned how they disable the right-click because it turns out that it can just be bypassed or easily enabled again.

I don’t plagiarise entries on others blogs, but I’m guilty copying some photos on the net when I write about the Asian dramas I watch.  Lately, I couldn’t copy the images.  I honestly thought my worn out mouse finally broke down or that my four-year old PC was acting up.

I read around and found out that it has something to do with the javascript something.  I learned to re-enable the right-click at solidblogger.com.  The site provided very simple steps:

Firefox users :

  • Go to Tools –> Options
  • Click on Content tab
  • Uncheck the box saying Enable javascript
  • Restart Firefox and you are done.

Internet Explorer Users :

  • Go to Tools –> Internet Options
  • Click on Security Tab –> Custom Level
  • Scroll to Scripting
  • Disable it.
  • Restart IE and you are done
  • When you restart your browser, you have to exit from the current page and open it again.  I re-started by hitting the “refresh” button and it didn’t work.  So, exit then start again.


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