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Veet It!

Wow, this product works like magic!

I used to remove underarm hair with wax and that spells a big O-U-C-H to me.  Not only is the pain limited to the time I pull off the sticky wax on my skin.  The pain sometimes starts at the time I apply the lukewarm wax on my skin, which at most times, is not yet lukewarm but flaming hot!  Due to this, I have really thought a lot about subjecting myself to permanent hair removal via laser.  It did not materialize because my friend said, based on her experience in the US, she still felt pain during the procedure that she could not stomach having both underarms done in one day (I hear it takes several sessions to permanently remove it).

Thank God for my sister’s friend who told us about Veet.  I just apply the cold cream on my skin and wait for a few minutes after which I merely clear the cream from my skin using the spatula that comes with it and viola, it’s like sweeping the hair with a broom! There isn’t any unusual odor and definitely no, no, no more pain!

I’m not paid to promote this product.  I just really want to share this beautiful experience I discovered several months ago (took so long for this entry).  Oh, and did I tell you this product is very much affordable?  A 25mg cream only costs around P 90.00.

Veet it!


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  1. yes ate yeyen! 🙂 i tried this early this year and am really satisfied with the result. i used to ask my mom to pluck my underarm hair (haha) but it’s too much effort and tickles. good thing i tried veet. 🙂 it smells good too. 🙂

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