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Hubby’s no longer smoking; he’s now “vaping”.  Is there such a word?

I bet only a few would know what I am talking about, especially in this part of the world.  Vaping is the word used when somebody is “smoking” an electronic cigarette.

What’s an electronic cigarette?  Wikipedia gives an elaborate discussion here.

I had accidentally read about ecigs while I was reading a blog about South Korea already imposing strict penalties for smoking in non-smoking areas and the writer was suggesting ecigs as an alternative.  I immediately searched about it and almost ended ordering online from a store based in the US.  Thankfully, I was able to search a little more and found a supplier in Manila.

The ecig has been around for more than six years.  I read it was invented in China and the latter is the primary supplier across the world.  When we went to Japan, I saw the ecigs on the counter as well [made in Japan, of course].  It’s legal to use the ecig in Japan and China [but illegal in Hong Kong!], some parts in Europe and some states in the US.

In the Philippines, the electronic cigarette is not a familiar device as an alternative to “analog” smoking, hehehe.  I remember during our trip to Europe, my hubby told me about this man who keeps smoking but his cigarette somehow did not run out.  That man must have been vaping, not smoking.  Then, my nephew recently told me while he was in an elevator, two Korean men were ridiculously smoking inside the elevator and he prepared himself to tell them to stop, until he noticed that the cigarettes were not “burning” when they were not inhaled.  That’s not smoke, boy, that’s vapor!

Hubby and I have reviewed our laws and as for now, there aren’t any laws banning the use of electronic cigarettes.  The electronic cigarette is not even covered by the Tobacco Regulation Act of 2003, so technically it’s not covered by the “no smoking” policy because THERE IS NO SMOKE, ONLY VAPOR (like what happens when water is boiling).

I fully support the electronic cigarette as it is the only way for the smokers and the non-smokers to co-exist.  There is no secondhand smoke in vaping, so vape all you want, smokers!  I don’t believe the @hit about its potential dangers, because my gawd, HOW COULD THEY EVEN LEGALIZE TOBACCO SMOKING with its certain and absolute health hazards?  My stand is that, these users of ecigs are already addicted to nicotine and whether or not they smoke analogs or electronics, they are facing health hazards.  It has been repeatedly told that a single cigarette carries with it at least 4000 harmful substances to one’s body [and the passive smokers!].  How could that even compare to the LESS THAN TEN harmful ones present in the ecigs [as they say]?  The bulk of the harm in analog cigarettes is in the burning process which produces tar and carbon monoxide, among others.  In a single analog cigarette, there is 1.2mg of nicotine and 6mg of tar.  My husband, in his desire to quit smoking, was on the verge of buying a herbal cigarette but the consistent review against it is that since the herbs are still burned, there isn’t much of a difference with the tobacco based cigarette.  Thus, he’s on the ecig because it’s not lighted.

Of course, I am against both smoking and vaping because it is an addiction to nicotine.  However, it’s better that there is a lesser evil which will not harm us non smokers who wants to live healthily.  Ecigs are not harmless but they are less harmful.  It’s also cool that the liquid nicotine in the ecig come in different amounts of nicotine – 36mg, 24mg, 11mg, 6mg and NO NICOTINE because the users can control the amount and hopefully reach the point when they stop the addiction.

My hubby loves his ecig and has bought and ordered all the gadgets that comes along with it (extra battery, extra atomizer, eliquids in Marlboro flavor, etc.)  I have to say that I am most happy with the ecig.  There is no longer the annoying smell of tobacco in the air and we are co-existing happily [before he had to go out of the house all the way to the gate to smoke]. He no longer smells of tobacco too.   I also like it that he will no longer be offending and exposing innocent people to harmful smoke [vapor almost immediately vanishes as soon as it appears, I can’t even smell it].  My husband no longer likes the smell of tobacco smoke [yup!].  His lungs have cleared up and his sense of smell has returned that he is more sensitive to smell than me.  He has lost his smoker’s cough too.

Hubby is using a DSE 905 [Nomad/Screwdriver] model just like the picture in this post.  He wanted the model that will not be a replica of the analog cigarette.  The DSE 905 looks like a screwdriver and the led light is blue when he inhales it.  Presently, his cartridges are those with 24mg of nicotine, Marlboro Red flavor [yup, there are flavors too!].  He intends to lower the nicotine content slowly until he reaches ZERO NICOTINE CONTENT and if that happens, the ecig will just become a pacifier, hehehe.

I was kinda apprehensive if he could carry the ecig on the plane because we went to Japan earlier this month.  We passed by the metal detectors without any issue.  Several times during our domestic flights and international flights, he vaped on the plane stealthily and he went unnoticed because he made sure the vapor will not be visible [which happens when he holds it in a few seconds more].  He freely vaped in Japan too.

They say using the ecig is way cheaper than smoking analogs but that only applies to the Western countries where the cigarettes are so expensive.  In the Philippines, the cost of using an ecig and the analog is more or less the same, but you have to shell out a substantial amount when you start.

I bought my brother a DSE 901 in Japan as my pasalubong [because he was so jealous of hubby’s new toy].  He wants his with the appearance of the analog cigarette and the tip of the ecig lights up like a cigarette burning every time he inhales it.  His nicotine liquid flavor is Marlboro Menthol, hahaha.  Hubby’s friends are asking me about it too cause they want one their own as well [should I start distributing it in our city?], hehehe.

my brother's ecig ^___^


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  1. Long Live E Cig …. 🙂

  2. Smoking has several challenges as well as results though the kinds you do not learn about, it is likely you ought to. Your those that smoke shhh. This can be a one that people may well notice the most …SmokeStik

  3. hi Ms.Blogger.. dito po ba sa japan nabili ang ecig ng husband mo? gusto ko rin sana bumili para ipasalubong sa boyfriend ko paguwi ko sa pinas sa december. im from shizuoka po, san po ako pwede bumili nyan? thanks 🙂

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